12w ago


Here is my adventures in the museum of the famous Bluebird land-speed record cars.

So it was the idea of my mate Jamie ( the owner of the Skoda in my previous posts) and this is how he said it to me.

We were having an already good day in Windermere where we looked at tweed, got mugged off by a duck and looked at a not crap Kia (it was the Stingray and oh my it looks good)

But anyways. We were at a pub (where all good ideas are based) and with a quick Google. We found out that there was a museum just a bit down the road. However, it was closing in 1 hour. So we had to leave our pint ( it was our only pint calm down) and sprint aimlessly to the Skoda where we were not at all distracted by a nice little chapel I swear.

The museum was amazing. It was routed in such a way that you didn't want to spend to much on one thing as an equally interesting thing was just ahead. Also all the close-ups photos were just excuses for me to touch things. Living life on a knife edge as per usual.

But then, as soon as we went out of the main museum. There was a separate warehouse for the Bluebirds.

We walked into an empty exhibition and it was beautiful. The loop of a documentary in the background with the vehicle they are talking about right there! It was just heart-warming but also heart-breaking to hear of the tragedy and death of Donald Campbell.

In conclusion go to this place. Not too expensive and places like this we need to keep going for generations to come.