Here is Tesla‘s New Cybertruck

I​t’s quite literally come out of a sci-fi thriller

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W​hen you think of a pickup truck, you generally think a Ford F-150 or a Chevy Silverado, the typical truck layout with a small cabin, a big exposed space in the back, and the same aerodynamic capabilities as a barn. So when Elon Musk took the stage last night and brought out his answer to the rising popularity of pickups, you could say some people’s jaws quite literally fell to the floor. Musk had tweeted out months beforehand that the Cybertruck design wasn’t going to be for everyone but what was presented on Thursday night was something I don’t think anyone would’ve imagined to be seeing that night.

I​t’s basically a sci-fi tank.

The looks of this truck are something else. It looks more like a tank from something like Tron or Blade Runner: 2049 than a pickup truck, but then again, that was the point. There are geometric angles everywhere you look, from the windows to the charge port door. The rear lightbar is simple yet at the same time good looking. The design isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure.

T​esla has created a monster.

Design and looks aside, the specs of the Cybertruck are killer. To start, there are three configurations available: Single motor RWD, Dual Motor AWD, and Tri-Motor AWD. The range is good, with options of 250+, 300+, and 500+ miles per charge, depending on the configuration. The towing capacity is ridiculous, with at base towing capacity of 7500+ lbs, mid-range capacity of 10000+ lbs, and a top tier capacity of 14000+ lbs. The bed is around 100 cubic ft. The air suspension auto levels when you open the rear and if the weight increases drastically with a payload. It’s made out of the same steel material that will be used in the SpaceX Starship rocket, which means its rust-proof and quite durable. The cover of the bed can be optioned with a solar roof which will add around 15 miles of range per day. The 0-60 is no slouch either, with a top tier time of 2.8 seconds. Bear in mind, that’s quicker than a McLaren 650s. The best part is the price. The Tesla CyberTruck starts at $39,900. The mid-tier spec is $49,900, and the tri-motor AWD is $69,900, which is actually around the same price as the base Rivian R1T.

T​he interior is both familiar and new at the same time.

The interior of the CyberTruck boasts a capacity of 6. Don’t think you’ll be cramped either, every seat is a captain’s chair, and based off of the rides Tesla gave after the presentation, you could fit 6 adults inside comfortably. The dashboard is pretty much the same as the one found in the Model 3 and Model Y. That said, it’s by no means ugly. The theme from the outside carries on in the interior. The seats, the doors, even the dashboard is given a geometric sort of shape. It’s an ultra-modern take on interior design and comfort.

In my opinion, the Cybertruck is a game-changer. It has specs and capabilities that put it way ahead of the competition. Yes, the design is a bit strange, to say the least. However, it’s grown on me the more I’ve looked at it. Plus, in an age in which every pickup truck looks the exact same, the Cybertruck is both refreshing and is so quirky to the point that it’s cool. The fact that it can go from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and tow up to 14000+ lbs is mind-blowing. Now, all it comes down to is whether Tesla can deliver the CyberTruck on time and with the same design as the prototype.

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