Here is the DriveTribe Creators' Car of The Year

The time has come to crown our Car of The Year

1y ago

After many months of planning, consideration and arguments, it is time to reveal the DriveTribe Creators' Car of The Year. Out of 56 cars, one must win and we must say, it's been hard to decide a winner.

Over 4500 of you wonderful DriveTriber users have taken part in our Creators' Award series of polls, and you've helped us decide our car of the year.

The final shortlist came down to seven excellent cars, along with three wildcard entries from us Creators. The final 10 cars were all worth contenders for Car of The Year with entrants from all over the world. We've had entrants from small-scale manufactures such as Ginetta, the oddball choice in the form of the Lada Niva, and the best real-world car in the form of the latest BMW 3-Series.

But there can only be one winner..

Much to our surprise, the winner of the DriveTribe Creators' Car of The Year was not a Bentley, not a BMW, not even the truly brilliant Porsche Taycan. Our Car of The Year is in fact the Ginetta Akula!

The Ginetta Akula is a brilliant car, with 600bhp from a massive V8, a top speed of 200mph and the styling of something straight out of Star Wars. Sure, it costs as much as a well specified Ferrari but we think it's well worth it as it's effectively a road-legal race car, and we like that.

We can't wait for it to come out in 2020 and hopefully get our hands on one. Good work to the men and women at Ginetta, you deserve it!

Image: Ginetta

Image: Ginetta

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Comments (37)

  • I didn't really see that coming. Very good.

      1 year ago
  • Wow... So unusual car. Merry Christmas to you!

      1 year ago
  • It has all been nothing short of epic, Marcus. Thanks a lot for these awards and including me. It has been marvellous for me, and for Ginetta too. Awesome job Ginetta for making such a masterpiece!

      1 year ago
  • Wasn' expected, but very welcome. Nice one

      1 year ago
  • Yessss I'm so happy with that!

      1 year ago