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Here is the electric SUV inspired by the Ford Mustang almost without camouflage!

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It is not yet clear what Ford's future electric SUV based on the famous Mustang will look like. Despite the few computer-generated images that have fallen on the Internet, the real image of the vehicle therefore remains very vague. But with these few spyshots showing an almost uncovered prototype, the situation could change significantly.

This vehicle, which according to many rumours should be called the Ford Mach-E, has a front end that is more like an Audi than a Mustang, for the moment. Actually, it's the size of the lights that poses a problem, especially compared to the grille, which looks very small (even if it's electric). On the Mustang, the grille is much larger.

With that said, we can see that the roof line and the side windows are very inspired by the muscle car. To the rear, the generous shoulders also provide a dose of "muscle" to the car. The taillights also feature the famous triple vertical bars, one of the Mustang's iconic features.

The overall style is based on a coupe SUV like the BMW X4 or the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Underneath this light camouflage, it is the rear part that best recalls the Mustang. It's also the most successful part of the car so far, with the front end being much more mainstream. See you on November 17 to learn all about the future "Mach-E" electric SUV.

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  • I thought the mustang suv was going to be ugly but now of seeing this, i’m In love with the car now

    14 days ago
    2 Bumps
  • disgusting but better than Aston Martin DBX

    14 days ago
    1 Bump


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