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Here is the entry-level Volkswagen ID.4!

Disappointing look considering the price point

31w ago

After the ID.3, it's the Volkswagen ID.4's turn to enter the brand's configurator. As is often the case with Volkswagen, there is a very significant gap between the entry-level and the high-end version. Here we are even more disappointed in view of the already particularly high entry-level price.

First of all, the exterior looks much less attractive than on the models presented to the press. The bright blue and yellow colors are replaced by a more austere grey. The large 20- and 21-inch rims also make way for 19-inch wheels.

These wheels are black, a nice trick from Volkswagen to hide the fact that they are actually...hubcaps. The front end naturally loses the Matrix LED lighting with the moving lights and receives more simplistic LED headlights. Same battle for the rear with LED taillights without the impressive 3D effect.

The passenger compartment gains seats with a rather pleasant design but with a more basic fabric texture. A small chrome insert adorns the dashboard to give a little more life to a very dull interior. The screen for infotainment has been shrunk from 12 to 10 inches. Under the bonnet is a 204 PS electric motor with a range of 510 km (310 mi). The entry-level Volkswagen ID.4 is available from €43,329.42 (Β£39,300.79/$50,558.93) in Germany.

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Comments (2)

  • Looks like a nice car but $50,000 for a car with hubcaps doesn’t sound right.

      7 months ago
  • I really like the steelie's, looks quite good in grey :/

      7 months ago