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Here is the Hyperod

It is being developed in Australia, and should be released for the Peeble Beach festival in 2022.

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Do you remember Paul Halstead ? This Australian, true car enthusiast and CEO of HAL had tried to make his own model of supercar : the Giocattolo or the Toy Car (in English)

1988 Giocattolo

1988 Giocattolo

It was a modified Alfa Romeo Sprint with a Holden V8 engine (designed by the "Special Vehicles" division of the Australian manufacturer). Unfortunately, only 15 cars were produced, and the success was not at the rendezvous so that the project was abandoned in 1989.

But Paul Halstead did not give up, and he decided to have his own hypercar. 2 years ago, press articles echoed his intentions to build a hypercar that could compete with Bugattis and others. His dream is about to come true.

This is the name of his dream : the Hyperod (contraction of Hypercar and Hotrod)

This hypercar has a W16 engine, which is actually the fusion of two Chevrolet LS7 7.0 liter V8 engines, inclined more than 45 degrees, which are integrated into the same crankshaft. The power developed is a total of 1400 horsepower.

Hyperod W16 engine

Hyperod W16 engine

Its design is reminiscent of the McLaren F1 and the T.50, since the Hyperod also has a 3-seater layout with central driving, but the Hyperod has a big difference compared to its "cousins": no doors, no roof .

The Hyperod's suspension is reminiscent of a Formula 1 suspension and was designed by Bruce Lock, who is from McLaren.

This hypercar will be fitted with six-piston AP Racing calipers and 355-inch rear tires and 285-inch front tires.

Well we will see in July 2022, at the Peeble Beach festival (if all goes well), the culmination of Paul Halstead's dream.

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  • I really liked the Giocattolo. This Hyperod is just another pointless and unusable addition to the “hypercar brochure numbers pissing contest”. I’d have much rather he’d done a Giocattolo Mk2.

      7 months ago