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Here is the LS3-V8 powered Land Rover Defender you’ve always wanted

The team at TopHat Classics tastefully enhance classic Landies with a complete overhaul and massive V8 power

4y ago

If you want a bespoke Land Rover Defender in your life, there are many options available. Some make the revered Landie something it never was (or should be) with acres of matte wrapped bodywork and quilted leather.

However, Arizona and Netherlands based TopHat Classics do things a little more tastefully, the company's owners Carel Von Helsdingen and Alex Zeeman like to give all of their bespoke recreations a full engine upgrade alongside fully uprated brakes and air suspension, which they then combine with tasteful visual updates.



Amongst the engine options are a couple of TDI options should the mood take you, or you even a pair of V8’s in 3.9-litre or 4.6-litre flavours. The one you obviously want though is the all-singing, all dancing LS3 package.

This gets you a full-fat 6.2-litre V8 motor lifted straight from a Corvette and is good for 565hp and 485lb-ft of torque, the exception being the state of California version which only makes 430hp because California.

Buyers can even spec themselves a Tremec T56 Magnum 6-Speed manual box because of course, you want a manual with a V8 motor.

In this trim, the entire Landie gets upgraded with everything from heavy duty running gear to deliver all that power to the road, to a fully uprated duel flow high capacity to ensure you keep moving even when the going gets off-road like.

TopHat Classics will essentially build you a Landie that has all the power and luxury of a model SUV but with none of the character lost from the old car. As always, the team at TopHat don’t confirm prices, but we are thinking they fall on the expensive side of things.

My choice would be a Landie pickup with LS3 power and a 6-Speed manual box because everyone likes a pickup truck.

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  • Richard would have passed out by now!!😱🐹🚘🤤🤤😵😉

      3 years ago
  • check this out. I think I just added yet another ten feet to my theoretical pole building. Lol

      3 years ago
  • Ls3 is cool, but you do realise that people have been shoehorning Cummins 6bt's into defenders? I know what my dream is. :D

      3 years ago
  • looks awesome!

      4 years ago
  • Funky... And funny to know that the name of the Dutch owner of this company, Van Helsdingen, in English translates as 'Things From Hell'. How appropriate! 😂👍

      3 years ago