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Here is the new Golf in its mid-range trim Life!

Is the Golf still attractive?

1y ago

The eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf is finally available for order in Germany! Customers will be able to rush to the brand's dealerships to book their vehicles. However, accustomed customers will have noticed that the new Golf greatly changes the name of its trim-levels! There are now four of them: Golf, Life, R-Line and Style.

And when you open orders, you also get prices! The mid-range trim level Life will start at €27,510/£23,230/$30,470. This price, which may seem quite high, is justified by a particularly extensive list of equipment. Examples include voice control, traffic sign recognition, a leather steering wheel and gearshift knob, digital instrumentation cluster and automatic lights. This price also includes the 1.5 TSI 130 hp petrol engine.

And in terms of style, the differences are quite significant compared to the trims presented to the press! The large 17- and 18-inch wheels are replaced here by 16-inch models with a more simplistic design, reminiscent even of the Polo's rims. The chrome at the bottom of the glass disappears and the front lights, still full LED, lose the IQ. Light matrix technology. The same goes for the taillights.

Inside, no more leather or electric seats! The seats adopt a more basic fabric covering. The central screen is smaller. Despite all these changes, the mid-range Golf still looks good. All that remains is to see the result with the entry-level trim!

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  • It’s not as cute as her older sister, but I’d take her out to dinner still, lol.

      1 year ago
  • People (including me) sometimes think it’s ugly. Mostly because of the headlight styling. But I would still buy one.

      1 year ago