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4y ago

Of course here on Tarmac and Gravel you will be able to find the latest news from the world of World Rallycross. But what else?

Before some RX events you may find some previews, predictions.

When some interesting, unique, or extraordinary stuff happens, I will let you know what my opinion is about it.

I will make several interviews with drivers or team members exclusively for Tarmac and Gravel. This is gonna be awsome!



The first two interviews will be published soon! With this years's World RX champion Mattias Ekström and 9 times World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb!

If something really special happens, there is some chance to watch some video content from me.

I hope you will enjoy my articles (and maybe videos :) ), and if you became interested in my work, don't hesitate to follow me and Tarmac and Gravel! My social media channels are in my profile description.

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