Here is why the 2000s era of car tuning was the absolute best

The 2000s was definetely a different era in the car modifying world and I think that it was way better than the current era.

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So many people seems to remember the 2000s car era only because of the let's just say debatable looking body modifications and people making their cars look like they came straight out of Need for Speed Underground 2 or something like that. I would quickly like to remind you that even today there are lots of idiots doing stupid stuff to their car just like in the 2000s and the 90s and pretty much since the start of car modifying. People ''ruining'' cars isn't just the thing of 2000s. In my opinion that is not really a valid reason to hate the 2000s car culture. I'm not saying that you have to like it but all I'm saying that you should atleast acknowledge the fact that that sort of style was at some point in time trendy and it was a big part of the modified car scene. Without that the modern car scene might look so much different compared to what it actually looks.

That is the small ''ranting'' portion over. Let's actually get in to the reasons

The creativity was through the roof.

Back in the 2000s people used to put so much work to their cars just to make them stand out from the others. This could mean putting parts such as headlights and tail lights from other cars in to your car. Obviously this meant so much more work than normal but at the end they could look amazing. Obviously some combinations just didn't work but I feel like mostly they did work and oh boy did they look cool.

Conversions weren't the only thing that made you really stand out from the rest. You could throw in a rad paintjob and/ or stickers. To be fair, lot of people even today put wraps and such things to stand out but from what I've seen, people back in the day really made different looking paint jobs from all the rest.

There is one more thing that sets the 2000s car tuning era to next level compared to modern car tuning when it comes to creativity and that is intrerior customization. From the cockpit to the trunk. If you look at highly modified cars from the 2000s, you can see that most of them have absolutely killer sound systems. If you look at car shows like Pimp My Ride for example, you can see that they made some amazing interior work to the cars and that just shows how much attention to detail some people used to put in to their cars when building them.

The car modifying styles varied from different continents

If you look at a modified car from 2019 for example, you couldn't really say exactly where it came from especially if the car is a Japanese car. The only real giveaway would probably be the position of the steering wheel and obviously the licence plate but that's it really but back in the day you could pretty easily tell the difference between an Euro modified car and a US modified car. Knowing wich European country the car came from probably was way too hard but the generally Europe had a pretty consistent style when it came to modified.

For example in the UK it was the Max Power style back in the day, in Australia was Sex Spec and in the US it was basically just the Sport Compact style for sport compact cars. Obviously in the US especially there were other styles to build sport compact cars that were popular like Minitruck style or Euro lowriders for example.

Currently atleast in the Japanese car modifying scene the ''JDM'' style seems to be the hot thing and it has been that way for the past 10 years now and not only is it starting to get really boring but the fact that pretty much everyone wants to build a JDM inspired car makes the style so lame imo. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate that style. It looks nice but it's been going on for way too long in my opinion.

The car community seemed so much less toxic and more open minded

This is a thing that I can't really talk much since I wasn't old enough to truly experience the 2000s car culture back in the day but for what I've heard other people say is that the whole atmosphere was a lot more chill and you wouldn't be judged that much for trying to be different from others. I just wanted to mention this but I can't be 100% sure since I wasn't there to experience that.

Something at the end:

I just want to say that thank you for reading through this ''article''. If you have any suggestions on how to improve these article type posts, let me know.

Have a happy new year and have a fun 2020! <3

- Turbo Amuse

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