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Here is why the Lagonda Taraf is trash

Overpriced and dull

1y ago

Exterior Styling

According to Doug, that is the most beautiful sedan in the world and therefore gets a 10/10. How the hell is it beautiful and striking? it looks like a Honda Accord for f!cks sake! Not my words but the words of several people down in the comments section of his video. Here are a list of sedans with more interesting styling: ANY Alfa Romeo, Citroen C6, ANY Jaguar, ANY Lexus and in my personal opinion, the side profile reminds me of a 2006 Camry. That particular example also has the stupid black Matte paint that makes it look like its bought by someone rich in wealth and poor in taste.

Interior Design

Whoever designed the interior should probably join his/her local leather club. Just because it has a LOT and I mean A LOT of dead animal skin doesn't make it good. The whole interior is full of that but what I object is the design. It is outdated and dull and parts of it come from a Ford and it lacks features compared to a Bentley or Rolls that costs a quarter to half as much. Also, Doug said that the stitching and pattern on the seats are beautiful... I think they look tacky as hell. Honestly just get a Rapide.


Just buy a Rapide, they got the same engine. In fact the Rapide probable handles better since its shorter.

Who would buy such a thing?

Rich people who want to feel special when in reality they are wasting money on a longer Rapide. Basically attention seekers. Might be used for money laundering.


Since Doug did the Doug score, I might as well do a Rio Score.

Styling: 3

Acceleration: 7

Handing: 6

Fun factor: 4

Cool factor: 0, bought by rich tasteless people. If enough people read this article, the resale value will drop.

Features: 3

Comfort: 5, Imagine the smell of all that leather, hell no.

Quality: 0 because they are endless money pits as they age, like all Aston Martins are.

Practicality: 5

Value: 0, trash. 1 million dollars for something less luxurious than a Bentley and Rolls Royce?! and all of that only to brag that you have a "Lagonda." And if enough people read this article, you can get a used Lagonda Taraf for 50,000 USD 10 years later.


Things I rather drive than that abomination include: A Fiat Multipla, a Nissan Juke with a worn-out CVT a Toyota Prius, a Mitsubishi Crossover, a Peugeot with electrical problems, a Renault on fire, a 2003 Silver Toyota Camry, a Mitsubishi Mirage, Every car in Dacia's line up, a Chinese car with dodgy manufacturing techniques, an Indian car with no airbags, a riced Honda Civic, a 1990s Korean Car, Every single car in British Leyland's lineup and every single one of those weird Priuses in Joe Boater's quizzes.

Aston Martin needs to get their sh!t straight. This is a disgrace to the UK and to its car industry. One of the worst things since British Leyland.

Why did Doug give such a positive review? His like/dislike ratio isn't too good compared to his other videos... I wonder why?

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  • Scotty would agree with this list :)

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  • I disagree

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