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Here's a big one, Rank these racing Franchises from Best to, LEAST Best, i guess !
Select your answers in order of preference.
    • Gran Turismo
    • Burnout
    • Colin McRae/DiRT
    • Midnight Club
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    Comments (6)

    • How burnout can be so low ??? It's one of the funniest franchise to play in the racing games category and same story for mario kart

        23 days ago
    • If this was 10 year old me and my 10 year old friends ranking this, I would have chosen Mario Kart, but now I really only play it for nostalgia

        23 days ago
    • how on earth is mario kart 64 not 1st.....kids these days!

        23 days ago
    • Even though all the cars in burnout paradise were not real and the game wasn’t realistic, I couldn’t have cared less! That was such a fun game!

        23 days ago