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Here's a Brand New, Factory Wrapped McLaren F1 For Sale

It only has 148 miles on the clock and it's signed by Gordon Murray!

3y ago

Today's "holy crap" news comes in the way of this pristine McLaren F1 in Dandelion Yellow up for sale. With Gordon Murray's signature on the back. With all the factory wrapping. With only 148 miles on the clock. Goodness me.

According to its Classic Driver listing, the car was purchased by a Japanease businessman who apparently bought it, never unwrapped it, and never drove it. 20 years later, all the wrapping is still on there, and it looks like this monster of a beauty has done nothing but sit in a climate controlled building for 20 years.

This F1 (chassis number 60 out of 64) also comes with pretty much all of the original accessories, including a set of tools, two keys, owner's manual with hand drawn diagrams, spare steering wheel, and a limited edition Tag Heuer watch with matching serial number (also never worn).

So here's the question; let's say I buy this car and it's now sitting in my garage. Do I drive it or keep it tucked away in museum quality for the rest of time? I'm of the mindset that cars are to be driven (yes, even once in a lifetime masterpieces like this), so assuming I'm filthy rich (since I apparently bought this car), I would rent out Sonoma Raceway for the day, take this baby down there, and give it a good ol' thrashing around the track.

What would you do?


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Comments (10)

  • All rubber and silicon components in the engine will have to be replaced since it wasn't broken in.

      3 years ago
  • This is one of those "Holy Grail' type moments (assuming you could afford the sure to be over $15million USD it will bring at auction. But here is what I would do, IF I could afford to do so. 1) Have the car fully checked out and serviced by Mclaren. 2) Bring it to the best road course close to my home, (which would be Circuit of the Americas in my case), and have a fun track day under supervision & tutoring of a professional driver. 3) Have it serviced again. 4) Drive it occasionally to car shows, cars and coffee events. I agree cars need tobe driven, but when the reach the value of something like this, we cant be stupid, I mean lets be honest. Even if any of had the funds to buy this, you really want to risk driving it to Walmart where a moron lets their shipping cart/trolly get away from them and smash into it?

      3 years ago
  • Buy it service it- then drive it like ya stole it ,get it out of your system then sell it-profit g/teed ,how much do you think someone will pay to own and drive a new F1

      3 years ago
  • First thing I would do assuming I had the money, is get it checked out by McLaren, before I even thought of driving it. Having sat for 20 years every gasket and piece of rubber in the car is going to be brittle. Blowing a head gasket is never good and i sure as hell would not want to blow one on an F1!

      3 years ago
  • I'd find different F1 that had been driven and buy that

      3 years ago