Here's a little throwback to a very special car, the Aston Martin Zagato Shooting Brake, which in my personal opinion could be one of the most attractive cars Aston Martin has ever made.
I know, this is controversial but the truth is its really hard to ignore how this beautiful machine is limited to only 99 units for the Shooting Brake.
It also has a 5.9 litre naturally aspirated V12 with almost 600 horsepower, which in today's world where every car is forced to downsize or go towards forced induction this is one last reminder of what we are losing.
On top of that we have rear wheel drive, so you can still enjoy from a well balanced car on the track and have plenty of fun trying to go sideways.... that's if any of these beauties will ever get driven the way they are meant to be driven and do not fall into private collections.
Cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed, mileage shouldn't be a factor making these cars any less special, but that's a whole different topic for another day.
So what do you guys think about this car? would it be something you'd like to own one day or you just absolutely hate it? would love to hear what other people's thoughts are.

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