Here's Another McLaren Senna Damaged After a Crazy Accident

It's really painful to see

2y ago

What we Know

The McLaren Senna is a very rare beast, only 1,000 examples will be ever built. This road-legal track car had a whooping 789 horses, but now it's just got a damaged axle and few other thousands of dollars worth of damage. This second crash involving a McLaren Senna took place in the A127 Southend Arterial road in Essex, UK, which really isn't a road for you to be unleashing the full potential of the suicidal V8, and to be fair this might not be a case of speeding or reckless driving. The accident involves three cars, a Ford Fiesta, the Senna and another car that isn't in its right orientation.

Fortunately there were no injuries or deaths in the accident, but the Senna though is really heartbreaking to look at here. Hopefully it appears to be repairable, but it comes down to the insurance company, and if they will cover the hefty repair cost.

More details concerning the cause of the accident have not been released from the police yet, so will have to wait and see if the driver deserves Drivetribers' usual scolding.

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