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Incredible performance, new-age Futurism, and the perfect combination of environmental and economic consciousness.

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Tesla, Rivian, Bollinger, Nikola, and Lordstown are hard work ushering in the 3rd automotive renaissance in the United States, each with their own EV pickup truck. Not to be outdone by the new kids on the block, GMC and Ford have both already showed off what their EVs can do, with the Hummer EV being the latest truck to offer a combination of luxury features, supercar like speed, and an overwhelming amount of off-road goodies. Between established automakers and new companies coming out every month or so saying that their prototype EV pickup will be the game changer the market needs, I figured it was time to round up the competitors and compare them.


Ah, the doorstop that started it all, the Tesla Cybertruck. While the first Cybertrucks aren't destined for production until 2021, with most trims becoming available in 2022 and can be equipped with Tesla's highly controversial Full Self Driving technologies, the Cybertruck could arguably be considered the start of the EV truck craze. What is particularly enticing about the Cybertruck is the price, as Tri Motor models with the FSD come out to $80,000, and single motor, rear-drive models are expected to start at $40,000. The Tri Motor models will apparently come with a range of 500 miles, have the ability to tow 14,000 pounds and can do 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. Not too shabby, Elon.


Rivian's R1T has done a darn good job of hogging the spotlight, at least until the Hummer EV came out. The R1T, with its tank turns and its 750 horsepower definitely do a good job of being futuristic without going full-blown Cyberpunk 2077 like the Cybertruck. The R1T starts at $69,000 after federal tax credits. While not as mind-blowing as the Cybertruck or some of the other competition, it gets my vote for being the most adorable. Look at its little headlights, it looks like its smiling. Awwww.


Coming onto the scene looking like a modern take on a Land Rover Defender with a bed welded to the back, the Bollinger B1 is the perfect example of "if it makes no emissions, it can be as boxy as you like." With 618 horses, a 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and an estimated price tag of $125,000, the B1 is going to be going up against top shelf EV trucks like the Hummer EV and R1T, after that, if Bollinger was to make more expensive versions, I imagine it will benefit from the same success that the Porsche Taycan has, existing in its own price bracket. At least the trolls have an EV they can swoon over.


Another newcomer is the Nikola Badger. First off, brilliant name. Second, the details. The Badger is unique in the fact that it is equal parts Fuel-Cell vehicle and Battery EV. Total system output is 906 horsepower, but have a continuous 455 horses on tap. The Badger also puts out a jaw-dropping 980 lb-ft of torque, making it once of the torquiest trucks of the bunch. While the fuel-cell variant starts at $80,000, the battery-only variants start at $60,000 which means that if the Badger can make it to market on time, it will be smack in the middle of the competition. But the clock is ticking, and Nikola is still in hot water after its fraud scandal.


Rounding out the newcomer list is the Lordstown Endurance. Lordstown Motors emerged like an EV phoenix from the ashes of GM's Lordstown production facility. After GM shuttered the facility with the axing of the Chevy Cruze, Lordstown purchased the facility from GM and are aiming for production in the summer of 2021. The Endurance is also expected to be one of the cheaper options in this segment, starting at $52,500. The Endurance should have a range of 250 miles, which doesn't fair well against the competition, but Lordstown claims that its cheaper variants are geared more towards municipalities and fleet sales.


Ford's offering for the EV truck market is a new vehicle called the F-150, yes that was a joke. Laugh. I demand it. The EV F-150 put on quite a show since it was hooked up to a train and hauled 1.25 million pounds of cargo, which included other F-150s. Ford has been very hush hush since then, focusing its EV lenses on the Mustang Mach-E in the meantime. Ford hasn't released other specs about the F-150 EV, which is fine because the F-150 EV isn't expected to go on sale until mid-2022.


Thus we arrive at the newest truck on the site, but arguably the best, the Hummer EV. GM finally got it right. A no-holds-barred supertruck with 1,000 horsepower, a Watts to Freedom launch mode, and all of the road presence of Hummers of yore, the new GMC Hummer EV is set to reclaim its throne as the King of All Roads. With a top shelf price tag of $112,000, the Hummer EV is going to decimate its competition. The only issue is that is not entirely production ready. GMC unveiled the prototype, the six-figure, Edition 1 models aren't set to go on sale until 2021, and the cheapest EV2 variants won't be on sale until Spring of 2024, so I imagine it will be in the hands of the few, and envied by many.

The Takeaway

EV trucks are coming, and now its the matter of when. When they arrive, they will be the most talked about vehicle until the next one arrives. Whether it is from any of the new startups, or one of the established automakers, all I know is that if any of these start pulling punches, they're going to get bowled over by the competition.

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  • I think the Nikola and Rivian look the best. They should do well. Bollinger and Tesla and brutalist designs that may be appealing to some but ... meh. Others don't get mention. I was hoping the Lordstown would look better. They need a new styling department already. This is a new segment. The designs should reflect such. Same old is boring anymore.

      2 months ago
    • I'd argue that the Lordstown was designed to be conventional, especially since they're focusing on fleet sales and things like that, but I hear ya, some of these designs look like they could've been out for a couple years or so already....

      Read more
        2 months ago
  • The nikola looks like something from halo but I do find myself liking the styling of it and I do like the look of the Rivian as well. I also don't really think ford is trying hard enough with the electric f150s look I get that they are trying to make it look conventional but idk.

      2 months ago
    • I also thought that the Badger was very UNSC-esque.

        2 months ago
    • the F150 is a hard call. As someone who has owned several trucks, used them from everything from camping, pulling trailers, hauling scrap metal, and lumber, and firewood, the F150 is the ONLY one that makes me feel I am buying a truck. Not a CUV...

      Read more
        2 months ago
  • We as a society have had at least the last three decades to get our act together. There is no sudden realization, we collectively screwed our only home up, climate change didn’t happen overnight. I’m not advocating banning automobiles or personal vehicles, but rather relegate them to hobbyists pursuits with minimal environmental impacts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      2 months ago
  • Define “economic consciousness”? Or is that a new American terminology for pseudo-justified copious consumption? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      2 months ago
    • Well, the idea that EVs can get over the air updates, like Tesla does, you are effectively improving upon your initial investment into a car. Cars as a whole are pretty much money pits, that don't return anywhere near the amount of money that...

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        2 months ago
    • Wouldn’t an efficient, pervasive and affordable public transportation infrastructure be more sustainable for the population as compared to justifying “using copious consumption to help create a more sustainable environment” with...

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        2 months ago
  • How about the superb high end Taylor-Dunn 4x4 electric pick up ?

      2 months ago