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Here's everything that was announced at Tesla's battery day

A $25,000 EV, 520-miles of range, and a tri-motor Model S were just the tip of the iceberg at today's Tesla 'Battery Day'

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Tesla's dominance in the EV market is indisputable, and although competition from companies such as Porsche and VW is closing in, Tesla's 8-year lead on the industry has been a crushing advantage.

And although by no means a fresh face, the $75,000 'entry-level' Model S is still the best-rounded EV money can buy. With a range in excess of 400 miles and access to one of the finest charging networks available, few competitors can come close.

But this tremendous lead is quickly falling by the wayside as other automakers with far bigger pockets invest billions into EV battery tech. Happily, though, Tesla is by no means standing still, as earlier today, CEO Elon Musk took to the stage and outlined Tesla's long-term plans, emphasizing that much of what was announced today "will not reach serious high-volume production until 2022."

The Batteries

One thing that was noticeably lacking at Tesla's 'Battery Day,' however, was much mention of batteries. With only the introduction of a new cell dubbed the "4680" that is being produced in-house at Tesla, with promises of a 54% increase in range. Although it is unknown if this number has been tested and verified at this time.

Musk also claimed a 56% reduction in the dollars per kilowatt-hour compared with Tesla's existing cells, citing strong innovation in several key technological areas. Claiming that a version of the Model S sedan will soon be available with a 520-mile range, outstripping newfound competitor Lucid Motors by a mere three miles.

The Hype Machine at Work

Hype, of course, is the cornerstone of any Tesla event, and what would hype be if not for a $1,000 fully-refundable deposit. Specifically, for a "Plaid" version of the Model S, with a 520+ mile range, three motors (two on the rear axle, one at the front), a sub-2.0 second 0-60, a 200 mph+ top speed, a starting price of $140,000, and a delivery date slated for 2021.

This, of course, is no new revelation; we've been seeing the Plaid Model S testing at tracks such as the Nürburgring and Laguna Seca for nearly a year now, yet this is the first official "unveiling" of the vehicle to date.

However, with prices starting at $140,000 ($55,000 more than the currently-available performance variant), the Plaid Model S provides an interesting value proposition. As just a few years ago, people were gladly forking over well over $130,000 for a Model S P100D with only slightly more than 300 miles of range and far inferior performance.

But this event wasn't all $140,000 super-sedans as Musk briefly touted the possibility of a $25,000 Tesla entering the market at some point in the future. And although this is not the first time he's floated this idea, little more than a brief mention on stage was given to what may well be a market-changing vehicle should it ever come to fruition.


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Comments (17)

  • Perfect cars for Zombieland. Just set it to autopilot.

      11 months ago
  • $25k for a Tesla?! Tempting...

      11 months ago
  • If you were setting out on a multi- day trip, you would want to be able to drive 6-7 hours and still have reserve. More critical with electric than gas.

      11 months ago
  • 520 is the magic number for me. NOW it has sufficient range.

      11 months ago
    • Most gasoline cars can't get past 400. What was the big issue before? Legit question. I'm not a Tesla fan, like, AT ALL, but range of 200-300 miles is way more than anyone needs before charging on a daily basis.

        11 months ago
    • Yeah, I have to agree. What most people fail to realize is that 300 miles is about six hours of driving under normal circumstances. And I find it hard to believe that anybody wants to drive for more than six hours straight without stopping for a...

      Read more
        11 months ago
  • Tesla is famous for underpromising and overdelivering. When they say 3 years away, be ready for it as soon as they have built one of their Gigafactories (in under a year) to make it in. Expect this to happen in Europe and China first. Battery day was all about battery architecture, the way you build a battery and what you fill it with to make it work. The new battery is dry inside. Until now, this design has been the preserve of high cost investment vehicles, like busses, etc. Tesla has found a way to make them faster, longer lasting, cheaper and more compact than anyone else anywhere in the industry. They will also be fully recyclable and use fairly innocuous materials inside them. This is a BIG DEAL, if you are into your 'green' energy and give a toss about the planet you live on. Battery day was about batteries predominantly, only touching on related matters, so how this will impact upon just cars is going to be rather major. Other manufacturers are struggling to make any profit at all selling fairly low-tech limited range efforts, for rather high prices. This blows their game right out of the water if they cannot find a way to catch up. We live in truly fascinating times and I for one am loving it, watching our planet and its population be wrenched from its complacency into a new era. My father experienced the same when the motorcar suddenly became available to ordinary people and aeroplanes could take you around the world. I'm watching the fossil fuel economy fizzle out and the electric age take over.

      11 months ago