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Here's Everything We Know About The Corvette ZR1

It's really fast, you guys

3y ago

With the Viper ACR dead and gone, what was Joe Midlife Crisis to do when he wanted to buy a hopelessly impractical, borderline unusable, probably American, yet stupidly fast track toy for a very large amount of money? Well, Mr. Crisis need worry no more, because today marks the (official) debut of the Corvette ZR1, which is like a Z06, only MORE.

The main upgrades are in the power and aero departments. The ZR1 makes a whopping 755 horsepower and 715 torques from the standard Corvette 6.2L V8, which has been improved with better cooling, better fuel injection, a bigger throttle body, and a supercharger the size of a watermelon (it's so large it actually sticks through the hood, so you may want to think twice about taking it through an automatic car wash). It's also so covered in aero pieces that you have to peer through them to discern that there is indeed a car underneath.

Added up front is an enormous front splitter which was clearly not designed with aesthetics in mind, as well as cool ice-blue ZR1 badging all over the place. Around back is a rear wing which, aside from producing an estimated 950 pounds of downforce, can comfortably seat a party of six in case your local Red Lobster is having an especially busy night.

According to Chevy's press release, the ZR1 has a top speed "over 210 mph" (read: 210.5), and you can pay extra for an obnoxious amount of orange paint and trim on the car as part of the "dynamic" Sebring Orange Design Package. It even has an optional eight-speed auto.

The ZR1 goers on sale next spring as a 2019 model, and will soon populate the driveways of Hawaiian-shirt enthusiasts the country over. Now it's only a matter of time until Dodge releases their version, the Challenger Satan. Or something like that.


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