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H​ere's How Elon Musk Crashed his uninsured Mclaren F1

35w ago


The McLaren F1 is widely considered the holiest of holy enthusiast models and wrecking one cannot be a pleasant experience. However, if you do you better have a damn good story. To Elon Musk's credit, this is kind of a damn good story.


B​ack in 1999 after selling PayPal the newly minted millionaire decided to go out and buy himself the greatest sports car of all time; the Mclaren F1. For the next few years Musk used this car as his daily driver, putting an insane 11,000 miles on the car.

However, one day Elon Musk and fellow founder of PayPal Peter Theil were driving up sand hill road for a meeting. Along the way Peter utters the words, "So what can this thing do?".

To which Musk replied, "watch This!". He promptly floored the accelerator did and did a lane change. However, as he did this the F1 which has 640 BHP and no traction control broke its rear wheels loose at 80 MPH. Sending the car spinning backwards into oncoming traffic. A second later the supercar hit an embankment, which sent it spinning into the air. According the witnesses the car stayed in the air for quite a while after which it slammed into the ground; killing the suspension, bodywork, and glass.

A​s legend goes, Elon Musk steps out of the car laughing. To which Theil says; "What are you laughing about?" Elon then says, "no you don't know the funny part, it wasn't insured!".


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Comments (149)

  • And elon musk wonders why he's hated...

      8 months ago
  • Money can’t buy good driving...wallets bigger than skills. Also imagine if he hit someone else...with no insurance...doing 80 into oncoming traffic.

      8 months ago
    • I agree. Nicely put.

        8 months ago
    • Yes you can imagine that but you can also imagine getting 9s instead of 5s in your GCSE's

        8 months ago