- Front grill design for the "Baby Bronco"

Here's how Ford's 'Baby Bronco's' grill might look

A leaked image shows us a significantly different vehicle than the bigger brother

1y ago

The full-size Ford Bronco's headlight was recently leaked on the Bronco 6G forum, from someone "close to the Bronco program." It's a retro design, and needs a unique shape to fit into a grill. That same forum has leaked the front grill for the "Baby Bronco," and it shows that at least the grill will be significantly different than the bigger brother.

Headlight for the full-size Bronco

Headlight for the full-size Bronco

It's certainly a grill for a Bronco, based on the stamped lettering on the front, and it doesn't fit the headlight. So this is probably for the smaller vehicle, which probably won't go on sale as the "Baby Bronco." Ford has not said what it will be called, though we do know that some variation of the Bronco name will be used.

We'll have to wait until the unveil in the spring. We don't know the exact date of that, or even if both vehicles will be unveiled at the same time. Either way, both are expected to hit showrooms in late-2020.

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  • Would somebody just release the damn thing and take my money?!?

      1 year ago