Here’s How Much Power Our Project Volvo V70R Actually Makes

1y ago


We took our project Volvo V70R to the dyno to see exactly what kind of power we are making. This will give is a great baseline as to what we're working with for the engine portion of our build.

The stock numbers are 296hp/296lbft, but if your V70R has an auto transmission in the 2004 model you only received 260/296 due to a torque converter limiting the power in 1st and 2nd gears. Did that make a difference?

Well, let's just say I was pleasantly surprised...


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Comments (2)
  • I have the 06 S60R (sedan) with the auto trans, the 06-07 had a 6-speed auto which did NOT have the torque limiter in first and second. So if you're looking to keep it automatic I would reccomend finding a salvaged 06/07 and tuning it to run with w.e. year that is

    1 year ago
  • Looking forward to see what you do with the wagon from here

    1 year ago
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