Here’s how much the Grand Tour trio is actually worth

How much have the guys made from their careers?

There's no doubting that Clarkson, Hammond and May are the world's most famous car journalists. And despite the fact that the motoring industry is a very niche area, Top Gear and The Grand Tour have smashed into the public consciousness and have propelled the trio firmly into stardom.

Not only are Clarkson, Hammond and May well-known as a group for their car-based antics, they have each found their own success with different TV shows. Jeremy has made countless appearances on BBC shows such as ‘QI’ and ‘Have I Got News For You’ and has recently become the host of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’.

James has probably been the most adventurous of the lot with his different shows such as ‘Man Lab’, ‘Toy Stories’ and is currently filming his latest solo Amazon series called ‘Our Man in Japan’. The latter will see May travel around the land of the rising sun talking about anything and everything. He has also created more car-based content with ‘Car of the People’.

Alongside Top Gear and the Grand Tour, Richard is probably best known for his role as host of ‘Total Wipeout’, a show very similar to his main motoring program, in some ways. Although more obscure, Richard’s best credit has to be his role of team captain on BBC panel show ‘Petrolheads’.

What is their individual net worth?

It’s fair to say our very own three wise men have been around the content production block once or twice. And having spent nearly 20 years in the spotlight, they have also raked in the cash. However, despite all playing their part in the bigger shows, they haven’t been paid equally over the years.

Jeremy Clarkson

Since the trio came together in 2003, Clarkson has well and truly been the main man. This was shown through simple things like having his own seat on Top Gear to bigger details like being the only one of the three to interview celebrities.

This leadership role came with its perks as he was reportedly earning an impressive £1 million per season of Top Gear. Along with the earnings from his books and other TV appearances, Jeremy has made money faster than a top-level racing Greyhound. In fact, according to Celebrity Net Worth, he is estimated to be worth £46 million.

James May

Despite creating a wide array of different shows, James May hasn’t been quite as lucky with his earnings. Both he and Richard Hammond have held supporting roles to the massive personality that is Jeremy Clarkson.

Furthermore, being the junior of the team having joined a year later than Hammond, May is said to be worth less than half what Clarkson is at ‘just’ £20.6 million.

Richard Hammond

Richard falls victim of the same issue James had in the early Top Gear days, Jeremy holding the position of circus master. However, the hamster has been able to surpass his older colleague’s worth with a reported £28.9 million.

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  • First Mr C got loads from the sale of his shares in old Top Gear, second who gives a crap ... as long as these 3 keep going and doing what they do best I am happy . They are so down to earth they could be worth a tenner and i would still watch them. I Do NOT turn on my computer screen and choose to watch people based off what they have in the bank. But only on how much they can make me laugh in an hour or so.after all they have done and given to us over the years i say good on them and hope they carry on. I do not think this was a good subject to post, their money is private as is the lack of mine. If James makes 1 million from in the garage so be it, he does not have to get a plastic face or ass, does not have to sleep with someone a little more famous than him to get seen. he does not have to look like spock and go ona drug filled holiday just to get in the news, he is not going on some reality crap show he does what he does, and we like him for it.

      1 year ago
  • Can I add a 4th choice - "I can barely contain my utter indifference" ;-)

      1 year ago
  • Each is worth every penny! Clarkson, Hammond and May have been amazingly entertaining for years, and I love and appreciate their work. They earned what they're worth and what we think simply doesn't matter. Keep up the great work guys!

      1 year ago
  • I think this is determined by their contract between themselves and BBC, so I have no objection.

      1 year ago
  • First of all, I think those kind of overviews are total b*llsh*t. If you go and search on Google you´ll find thirtythousand fourhundred sixtyone websites telling you the net worth ot the trio and they all say they know it and they all have differen numbers. Besides that why would I care? I suppose these three man are fully capable of deciding how much they are worth and what they want to earn.

    To answer the question if they should be paid more equally the answer is no. Besides the filming Hammond and May are not so much involved as Clarkson who next to the filming also does the writing of the entire show since 2002. And I think it's normal that someone who does work more, does get paid more.

    It's clear Hammond and May agreed with such a deal since they're doing this work together for over 17 years and they're all still standing strong. So nothing wrong with the construction.

      1 year ago