Here's How Not To Put A 1965 Mustang On A Trailer

It was a mustang. What do we expect?

3y ago

There's not much that can go wrong when loading a car onto a truck. You line it up, accelerate, park. That's pretty much it right? You could say the same thing about leaving a car meet but Mustangs aren't too great at that either...

This 1965 pony car looks beautiful with its black as night paint and red pinstripes down the side. The owner obviously cherishes the thing from the way it looks. And to be honest, it looks like it rarely ventures far from its warm garage.

So I'm sure it came as a bit of a shock to see it sliding off the ramps as it got driven onto a trailer. I've no idea why, maybe because of the wet, maybe bald tyres, but as the rear wheels mount the ramps they lose traction, and being a Mustang it slides into something hard.

Thank God the driver was wearing a high visibility vest, though. Without that he could have been seriously hurt!

Now he's just got to watch for the owner... I have a feeling he wasn't overly happy about the outcome...



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Comments (11)

  • slides off and bangs and is hanging on barely. 1 minute later "woooooooooooo"

    A bit delayed bud.

      3 years ago
  • Why is it that EVERY video like this, the Person filming manages to miss the action by pointing the camera at the floor. every damn time.

      3 years ago
  • Poor Mustang😖

      3 years ago
  • Oh no the car is going to crash!!! LET'S TURN THE FRICKEN CAMERA AWAY!!! Twat might as well have taken a picture before and after and it would have given the same results. Two idiots here, the driver and the camera operator.

      3 years ago
  • At first i thought it was hammonds car after he took it out for a drive...

      3 years ago