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Here's How Volvo Will Become The Best Car Manufacturer In The World By 2025

Volvos new range of cars will be the best cars in the world. Here's how!

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Currently, the best and most well known car manufacturer is Ford. However, in the past 2 years VW and Volvo have caught up. All car manufacturers that create decent cars now create more than decent and 1 particular manufacturer stands out... Volvo

Volvos history (1927-2000): The Downfall

Founded in 1927, Volvo have always made the most supreme cars. Volvo have never been one for looks. Their cars have always looked rather monotonous. Back in 1927 the Volvos were the absolute best. Still looking genuinely bland to us, back then the Volvos were always praise worthy. In 1950s a new style of cars were created. Manufactures alike Saab and Seat were joining the game. Volvo took a rather tedious turn. Volvo fell of the chart... Meanwhile Ford and Seat were way up there creating only the best but Volvo had had enough... Volvo saw the 20th century like a new fresh start. Their interior for something back then was simply incredible.

Volvos history (2000-2015): Volvos Era Of Nothing!

Volvo were now ahead with only the mighty Ford to conquer. But there was a vast problem. The exterior. In 2000 Volvo began to make some incredible cars with absolutely incredible interior, but, something was missing. Although Volvo had eliminated making generally dreadful cars the exterior still wasn't quite there. Though as Volvo slowly oppose their way up the ranks, they hit a brick wall... The competitors weren't making better interior but the exterior of the Volvo was not making up. As we enter 2012 Ford has flung off and for the next 3 years that wouldn't change until a new design was constructed.

Volvo history (2016-2019): The Uprise

Volvo knew that if they wanted to make money and satisfy their customers they had to up their game. So they made the XC90 (2016). This was the car that would make any driver feel like they were supreme. Luckily, this wasn't going to be the first time that Volvo will make a spectacular car. The XC90 wasn't quite there in 2016 but it was sure climbing up there because, in 2016 a re-modeled XC90 was released. (Now at this point the Volvo scored full stars in the safety test and the interior was incredible). The new body-work on the new XC90 was simply nailed. new rear lights, tweaked front light and what will go down in Volvos history, one of the most reliable cars in the world. Everything was nailed... Everything. The S90, The new XC90, the new XC60, the new XC40... It goes on and on until now! Volvo say that they will be all electric/hybrid by 2025 and the range only gets better...

Volvo Future (2020-2025): My Point

Now as said in the title, by 2023 Volvo may be the best car company in the world. Creating cars to diggers and lorring, Volvo will only fly up! The all new electric range makes almost every hit car that Volvo have had electric. Ranging from the S90 to the XC90. These will be the best cars ever seen. They will nail performance, exterior and interior. These Volvos will be a hit with families as they will be perfect for them!

Volvo: Interior Evolution

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