Here's how we're going to 'play cars'

2y ago


I'm not entirely sure how to refer to myself; film maker, motoring presenter, content creator, petrolhead...all of those things?

Well, as you're reading this on Drive Tribes, it's probably most fitting to describe myself as a Tribe Leader, and let you make up your own mind about how that goes.

Here's where it all started for me. I dreamed big, and soon I'll share with you a film I made when I actually drove a Group B Metro 6R4 - just like this one!

I've got a channel full of car films and content at www.carfilms.co.uk, and I can usually be found talking about cars on my Twitter, at @PaulWoodford84.

I'll be uploading the back library to my Drive Tribe, starting with my very first film - starring the iconic Peugeot 205 GTI, and I'll even tell you how it all came about!

The story then takes us through some of the best-loved, and most influencial cars of road, track and rally stage, and I literally have no idea where we'll go next. But it'll hopefully become clear when you watch my films, that it all starts with cars, but the story is really about the people.

Present, produce. drive. My motto for life, and now my motto for Drive Tribes.

I believe cars bring people together. This is not just about people who think of themselves as "petrolheads". In fact, I love nothing more than standing by the photocopier talking cars, with people who don't think of themselves as car people.

You never quite know which way it will go.