Here's how you can build Late Braking's celebratory 2017 F1 car!

When Late Braking reached 2 million views on Drivetribe, they decided to celebrate by asking me to build them a Lego car. And now you can build yours!

3y ago

This is the first time I built a Lego F1 car from scratch, not trying to imitate any existing design. And it was really fun!

I've uploaded a computer generated instructions PDF and a .io file you can use to buy parts from Bricklink to my usual instructions OneDrive folder. Here it is:

Once you decide to build Late Braking, a quick word of warning if it's your first time building one of my cars: I had to modify the model ever so slightly to make it easier to buy the parts, and also the computer generated instructions will never be as clear or intuitive as normal Lego instruction booklets. But it shouldn't be complicated to figure it out.

Also, don't forget that you can vote for the next car I'm going to build of the classic F1 cars series here:

I'll be uploading instructions and parts list of the last car, the Leyton House CG901, this weekend.

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