4y ago

Here's my post. My name is Luke Hatanaka, from Los Angeles. My Exocet, dubbed 800RS, is a small car with big dreams. It will have a built 6.0L LS2 with twin Garrett GTX3576R turbos, a T56, 315 front/335 rear tires, and big aero. Hopefully one day it'll be one of the fastest amateur cars in the country.

My Instagram (@800RS) has build updates as well as tech-y/engineering-based write ups. It has wayyyyy too many parts to list, so check out my WheelWell for more info!

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  • Yup! CCW LM5T. They're being made as we speak!

      4 years ago
  • Big Aero indeed!!! At least you'll have the HP to back it up. Keep us posted on progress. Have you picked you're wheels yet?

      4 years ago