- All images courtesy of Oscar Vargas @wb.artist20

Here's the new Ram SRT10 based on the TRX?!

Dodge giveth and Dodge taketh away... but is there a demand for another such rare creature? What do we want from the spirit of the best truck ever?!

MT Blake posted in USA News
6w ago

I'd like to take a moment and find some zen with you. I'd like you to pour a drink, find a comfortable position, relax your mind and body, and begin imagining automobiles at the top of the summit for your favorite manufacturers. Things like the F40 for Ferrari, the GT40 for Ford, and the Ram SRT10 for Dodge. You don't think the Viper engined pickup is at the top of the mountain, carrying those wise words, and preaching to us all? Hear me out for a minute...

Way back in 2004, we were given the first, and only, performance pickup to make it to production fitted with a V-10. Dodge has always been a bit psychotic about their cars - think plum crazy colors, ostentation graphics, cars named after insects and snakes, those type of things - few things are more deranged than a manufacturer taking their highest-end performance engine and shoving it into the most blue-collar vehicle they've got. In this case, they took a Viper V-10 and thrust it into a Ram 1500.

All images courtesy of Oscar Vargas @wb.artist20

All images courtesy of Oscar Vargas @wb.artist20

The medley of boffin engineers, all well versed from working on the Viper and Prowler, must have been something this side of Mozart when they began tooling around the Ram. The pickup has always been the most-least graceful of conveyance. They're more suitable for hauling cords of wood, freshly harvested venison, the types of things those salts of the earth are known for. A pickup might be powerful, it might be loud, it might be all the things the Ram SRT10 became, except for being designed by college-educated individuals with protractor obsessions.

The fruits of the combined effort at Dodge gave us an athletic pickup with an 8.3L, 500hp/525tq, ten-cylinder monster backed with a bona fide 6-speed manual and finished at back with a Dana 60 rear. If a 12-year-old boy was to design the most ridiculous pickup they could imagine, the Ram SRT10 wouldn't be far from the child's mind. The same kid would have even imagined the four-door (quad-cab) and even suggested an automatic, just like Dodge fitted because only a sissy would buy anything else than the regular cab.

I can hear some of you scoffing at this point. The Ford fans reading this article are screaming out loud "LIGHTNING," while the bowtie boys have their noses lifted high in disgust as the 454 dances through their small, reptilian minds. You guys aren't wrong, you're just not right. Dodge is the most insane company - fact. The Ram SRT10 might end up being the most ostentatious rendition of a pickup truck ever. Or could we imagine something new..?

This is where our render-artist-extraordinaire Oscar Vargas comes in. He too sits in a room screaming out loud his ideas - I should know, I can hear him clear across the internet. His screams are a sonnet of wonderful 'what ifs'. They might not always make the Billboard top 100, but you know the remix track is going to be phat (fire? radical? I don't know cool words).

Oscar imagined the Ram SRT10 reborn today, within the confines of the Stellantis structure. He imagined the honest-to-god regular cab, fitted with RAM TRX bits, yet this is not a 4wd truck. This lowered, short bed, is a chunky little mama jama. It has enormous wheels, as it should because that's how we do things nowadays, it has a useless rear spoiler because all fast pickups are required to have them, and it even has gills and vents for no purpose except to excite your libido.

He's a tamer of hearts that Oscar, yet give him a bit of ink and ten minutes and he's going to break us. This is the truck we deserve and the truck we're not worthy to receive. We are getting some nutty cars from Dodge right now (ahem Durango Hellcat) but it isn't enough. The truck we could get won't have a V-10 because too many snow owls have already suffered at the original SRT10's 9mpg rating. Could we see a RAM 1500 Hellcat? Do all the TRX things with a 2wd half-ton pickup! Yes, that would be satisfying.

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  • Kill me! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢😖😒😬😐😳💩🤨

      1 month ago
  • It's probably just me, but this looks like a big lump of brick. It's got the streamlining of an old White COE tractor unit, the wheels of a supercar, the ground clearance of a road-sweeper, and all the gravitas of a jelly bean. What an abortion!

      1 month ago
    • Was the original so different?

        1 month ago
    • It seems to me that these vehicles have turned into cartoon versions of what used to be serious and useful designs, beitall an idea whose time is passed. In many ways the American buying public are doing themselves a disservice by convincing...

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        1 month ago
  • Kill it before it lays eggs

      1 month ago
  • Looks like a fricking tumor

      1 month ago
  • It genuinely looks like one of the carcature things. You know the car version of those goofy pictures street artists draw you like

      1 month ago