Here's the trailer for 29th series of Top Gear...

The trailer was published on the show's official YouTube channel, and the people seem to like it.

Whenever someone says that they enjoy watching the most recent series of Top Gear, they are automatically assumed by the online community to be clinically insane. Well, haters can calm down now because the trailer for Top Gear's upcoming 29th series has been released, and the response so far seems to be quite positive.

In the trailer, we see Paddy, Chris and Freddie go to a variety of locations, such as the empty Alexandria Palace where they ride around a massive 'wall of death' in three insurance write-off cars as well as to the Yorkshire Dales where Paddy suffers from a case of 'Flintoff Never-Stops-Crashing Syndrome'.

The trio also race down a ski slope in Cyprus in three rental cars, test three hatchback EVs in an empty Alton Towers resort, spend 24 hours inside their cars in Bolton, and also test Paddy's new (and inevitably doomed) project: an all-terrain, fully-electric ICE-CREAM VAN.

So far, the trailer has over 68,000 views and received 2200 likes and only 339 dislikes, which means that the audience is showing more respect and affection for the trio. Even the comments - which were once a breeding ground for old Top Gear fans who hated the new line-up - have now become filled with people praising the show.

Overall I am super excited for what's to come, and if you want to watch the trailer for yourself, it's down below:

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