Here's the updated Bentley Bentayga and its fresh new bum (and OTT wipers)

A new look, new infotainment, diamond-brushed finishes inside and amazingly OTT wipers

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This is the updated Bentley Bentayga – with a fresh new look, updated infotainment and – importantly – fancy windscreen wipers.

We'll get to the looks and tech updates in a minute, but it'd be entirely remiss not to comment on its new windscreen wipers. They're heated, and the water spray jets are now inside the arms – nothing massively new in the car world, but we're not sure if any other car has 22 water jets in each arm. Twenty two. The Bentley does, and it presumably means it'll be able to clear even the most stubborn of roadtrip flies from your vision.

Shut up about the wipers. Can we talk about the looks?

The new Bentayga's bum-lift is significant - the tail lights are now incorporated entirely into the new sheet metal of the tailgate

The new Bentayga's bum-lift is significant - the tail lights are now incorporated entirely into the new sheet metal of the tailgate

Sure. The new Bentayga gets a pretty extensive redesign front and back. There's a new full-width tailgate at the back, and the licence plate drops down onto the rear bumper for a tidier look. The rear wheels sit 20mm wider than before for an even more aggressive stance than before. Elliptical taillights bring the SUV's look in line with that of the Conti GT and Flying Spur, while echoing similarly shaped exhaust tips.

You'll probably rejoice in the fact that you can now get the Bentayga in the same shade of green as the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept car, or if that's a bit 'heritage' then you can instead have it in a new off-white colour called Patina. Indeed.

Up front things are just as bold – every panel is new, and the new grille sits closer to vertical, and new LED headlights (each packing 82 individual LEDs) are supposedly inspired by cut crystal glass. They can block out oncoming cars from their beams, allowing you to keep your main beam on more of the time.

More of a Toff's Tardis

Most of the changes come inside the new Bentayga – and it's more than just a spruce with the latest tech, though we'll come onto that. Rear-seat passengers get up to 100mm more legroom than before when the seats are reclined – which suggests some pretty substantial re-engineering.

While lounging, your rear passengers get to play with a bigger five-inch remote control touchpad than in the previous car (complete with 1GB of RAM and a quad-core processor), and they can stroke new optional diamond-brushed aluminium trims if that gets too dull. How fancy.

Front-seat infotainment comes courtesy of a new-to-Bentley 10.9-inch screen that has very thin black borders. Wireless Apple CarPlay is standard, USB-C ports replace the standard ones and an embedded SIM comes as standard, so you can use all the usual connected car functions without tethering your phone. We're pleased to see Bentley's iconic organ-stop vent controls are still present – they're just the most satisfying things in the interior of any car. Ever.

What's under the bonnet?

The new Bentayga will be released in 550hp, 880Nm V8 form first, with a W12-powered Bentayga Speed and a plug-in hybrid following later. The V8 takes 4.4 seconds to dash from 0-60mph and will hammer on to 180mph. It has a theoretical range of 397 miles based on fuel economy of 21.2mpg on the combined WLTB cycle.

Expect the W12 to take your money and set it alight with luxurious glee.

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Comments (16)

  • I hate the bum-lift!

      5 days ago
  • The back is so ugly 🤮.

      5 days ago
  • The taillight of the pre-facelift version was the only part of the design I really liked about the Bentayga. You know, cause it was sort of clever to include a "B" in there, and it didn't look as awkward as the Mini's attempt to include the "Union Jack".

      5 days ago
  • Great design on the whole though the back could have done with some more work...

    But the Bentayga is still a fantastic car and remains a very nice indeed, though many would still rather the equivalent Range Rover over this...

      5 days ago
  • What an awful car, gone from bad to worse! Plenty of people with money and bad taste?

      4 days ago