Here’s the weirdest Volkswagen Golf ever made

1w ago


You may have seen my recent article about the Volkswagen Golf Country which is one of the strangest Golfs there are. But it gets much weirder. Much more.

Here is the Mk3 Volkswagen Golf Harlequin. The multi colored Volkswagen clown car. As you can see, it features many, many different coloured body panels. This isn’t some aftermarket job done by a couple of college prats but an actual Golf which appeared in actual VW dealerships.

The way Volkswagen made them was they built 4 at a time each with a different base colour: Tornado red, Ginster yellow, Chagall Blue and Pistachio green then simply got the engineers to switch round the panels until they looked as they do. The fact that these were removed manually means it was quite a lot effort in the end. But it resulted in 4 completely different coloured cars.

Obviously, they couldn’t replace every panel so each car kept its original roof, c pillar and rocker panel as they were impossible to swap out. Not to mention, the colour of the rood being used for registration and license purposes.

All Golf Harlequins came as standard with matching grey interiors. They were based on nothing other than the boring GL trim level meaning they came with 115 horsepower from a 2.0L engine.

This treatment wasn’t free however, the Golf Harlequin was a $150 option meaning that the base manual Harlequin model came in at $13,725. More luxurious ones with an automatic gearbox, A/C, antilock brakes and CD changer sold for $16,730.

Volkswagen initially produced 60 models but this wasn’t enough and so they bumped it up to 200. But then this was too many… VW struggled to sell that many so dealerships would have to swap the cars back to normal in order to sell them.

Would you rock one of these?