- Half way up Madhugiri fort

Here's to one of the most eventful rides ever.

This one’s more about a friend than the ride itself so bear with me.

Craving a nice road trip with some good friends and their bikes, two of ours almost brand new, we prepped ourselves for a long ride to DD hills that Sunday morning. Having a history of keeping my friend Shane waiting on us for forever, Siddanth and I decided to start off from the same house, so he had packed his stuff and slept over at my place. Contents of his bag (which was bloody big to begin with) included slippers, two shorts, a shirt, leather jacket and his DSLR. All this for a 5 hour stay. Turns out he hadn’t packed his jeans though, so we’d have to make a trip back to his place before heading off in the morning. So much for that.

Reversing his bike out of my garage was another event as he had completely ignored the big pillar standing right behind his bike. Rammed the side of his bike into the darn thing and a moment later, following a sharp metallic sound, we find his pillion foot-peg lying across the garage, small fix, but could have been avoided. Well that’s Sid for you. After tying his huge bag to his bike, we headed to his place to pick up his jeans.

All went well after that as we had reached the meeting point with no sight of Shane anywhere. We were proud of ourselves. Shane arrived at the scene as we were reinforcing the ropes around Sid’s bag, which he clearly could’ve left at his place while picking up the jeans. Oh well. No harm done. Yet.

10 km into our road trip, we came across the first toll on the Tumkur highway. Siddanth being overly confident of his multi-terrain bikes capabilities, stood on the foot-pegs and ripped over all the speed breakers and potholes he could find. Meanwhile Shane and I were enjoying the sight of all the superbikes and the Enfield group who were all heading off on an adventure of their own. Somewhere down the road meanwhile, Sid had stopped at the side of the road, his bike smoking. His bag had loosened quite a bit and over the last speed breaker, had fallen straight onto his exhaust.

Sid's usual riding position.

Sid's usual riding position.

Stopping to help him of course, we opened his bag to see all his clothes burnt to shreds, and what’s more not only had it burnt through his really expensive bag, it had also burnt through his DSLR bag inside and melted, and I mean melted one of his lens' caps. After waiting a good half hour on the side of the road for everything to cool down, relentlessly, we head off on our journey. Sid had to tie his bag to the tank now so that nothing would fall off. You could tell that he was worried about what his dad may do once he got back home, but that didn’t stop him from riding at top speed the whole way.

Shane and I stopped to check our map on the side of the road, but Sid just kept going. We had missed a turn, but now the chase was on and we had to somehow tell Sid about it too. On setting off, I managed to catch him after a good ten minutes and as he saw me approach, he tucked down as though we were having a race and he sped up. At that point in time, we were honestly a little tired of this routine of cops and robbers, but looking back, this was what made our ride so much more fun.

Badass truckers en-route

Badass truckers en-route

The ride to DD hills was amazing. The corners on the way up the hill were amazing although the final part of the climb was made up of only low speed corners. On reaching, we grabbed a bit to eat and checked Sid’s DSLR and the lenses to see if everything worked. All was good, but to make things even better, Sid had forgotten to get the SD card for the camera and we had literally just brought a whole bag of stuff and ruined everything for no reason whatsoever. He then pulled out his iPhone7 to take pictures of everything. While trekking up the hill though, he managed to goof up again. He had lost grip and slipped with his iPhone in hand and ended up cracking the screen.

Our trip to DD hills ended pretty early as we had set out at 5 that morning and seen everything the hills had to offer by 8:30. So we decided to visit some other place. Madhugiri fort wasn’t too far off according to google maps so we decided to go for it. We set off on some amazing roads once again. We even found a field with a lake beside it and decided let Sid have a bit of off-roading fun so Shane and I took a breather while our entertainment for the day was sorted out. Sid went mental with the drifts and jumps and what not and after all of us had scratched the underneath of our bikes on some big stones, we decided to head back en-route.

Fooling around

Fooling around

Madhugiri fort was huge. We could barely finish 30 percent of the climb before we decided to give up given that we didn’t have any more water and we were facing the harsh summer sun .After climbing back down and vowing to visit the fort once again in winter, we found a nice lime juice cart and after grabbing one each, sat ourselves down on a pavement and saved up some energy for the ride back, our bikes still gleaming under the sun, sure enough to get our backsides roasted when sitting on them once again.

Making our way back through the same amazing roads, we three part ways to our respective homes for lunch, but not long after Siddanth had somehow managed to deplete his fuel tank for the second time.

Total distance covered: 280 km

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