Here's what happened to the cars after Top Gear covered them in Aussie sand

All three supercars needed a full respray...

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If any of you remember the Top Gear Australia special from a few years ago, then you will also remember just how deadly the thick red Aussie sand could have been. This stuff kills cars, especially ones with such complex electrical systems like the three supercars the trio were using.

In fact, in the episode, Jeremy even said that in the 80s, Vauxhall brought over a Senator to try and sell in Australia. This car lasted a couple of days and then split in half. This is how brutal the Outback can be, and that scares me and it should scare you too.

Now, if you remember the episode you will recall that all the cars left the film in one piece. They had no issues at all but behind the scenes, it was a completely different story...

In an article by Drive Aus, you find out that the cars had quite a battering. In fact, Bentley UK announced that the Continental driven by Hammond needed a full respray following the trip.

"After the completion of filming work, the car was returned to Bentley for a full inspection," Mike Sayer, a spokesman for the car maker said.

"The rectification work required was indeed cosmetic, to repair paint chips and scratches etc, which is unsurprising and acceptable after hundreds of miles on unsealed roads in the Northern Territory. Mechanically, the car was fine."

In addition to this, it has also been discovered that the Nissan GT-R driven by May and the BMW M6 Gran Coupe driven by Clarkson were also in need of a full paint respray and other cosmetic overhauls. Nissan even went to the length of pulling almost every part off its GT-R to ensure it was completely rid of the invasive red outback dust. And it really doesn't get more Japanese than that does it?

From reading all that, you may think that these manufacturers despise Top Gear, but in fact they were fine about it, well Nissan were at least. They said the car was mechanically sound and the TG team were very cool about everything.


And don't forget, the amount of exposure the companies would have gotten, would have paid for the resprays in no time. That tends to be the point of a press car.

What car would you take to the Outback?

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  • Good for both manufacturers and the show itself.

      26 days ago
  • When Jeremy spoke about the senator splitting in half, you have to understand that 85% of the places where Australians live is not like that. I have lived in Sydney my entire life and although we get some blisteringly hot summer days, most of the time it’s relatively cold, especially in winter where it regularly goes down to 10 degrees Celsius in the morning. Great article - I wish they would come again!

      26 days ago
    • 10 Celsius on a winter morning! I dream of that! Usually 10 less than that up here in Scotland.

        26 days ago
    • 10 degrees is when you put a sweater on.

        26 days ago
  • I wonder how much of that was “a bit of poo” that came out.

      26 days ago
  • An Outback, duh. You KNOW this Ben. 😁

      26 days ago
  • The Aussie outback

      10 days ago