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Here's what it looks like inside a tyre while drifting

Warped Perception is back with another GoPro-in-the-tyre video by popular demand, with this one focusing on what it looks like while drifting his A80 Supra.

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After a streak of viral videos using GoPros to provide unusual views inside components of your cars like the tyres or engine, YouTuber Warped Perception is back again with another GoPro-in-the-tyre video by popular demand.

Having received many requests for a video of what it looks like inside a tyre while drifting, although the YouTuber "didn't want to do yet another GoPro-in-the-tyre episode," the sheer number of people requesting he film such a video led him to film just that.

Take a look below as he manages to fit a GoPro inside the very slim-sidewalled tyres of his A80 Toyota Supra, along with mounting another GoPro underneath the car to provide a view of the rear suspension to add a little extra to the video, before pulling off a handful of drifts on a backstreet corner.


It makes for some pretty interesting viewing, seeing the centrifugal forces acting on the tyre as the car breaks loose and gets sideways, and the soundtrack of the echoey squealing of the tortured tyres only adds to the effect.

Noting that his Supra, while undoubtedly a fabulous car, isn't exactly set up for drifting given its tyres are too sticky and the surface it was on was sub-optimal also, but noted his interest in collaborating with someone who owns a proper drift car or even a Formula Drift team, to film what it would look like inside the more specialised tyres of a purpose-built car such as that.

Previous GoPro-in-the-tyre videos from Warped Perception have included him driving around normally, and then doing a burnout to failure in a pair of Mercedes', while he also most recently provided a view of what it looks like inside the intake manifold of his Supra while driving.

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Comments (9)

  • Haha that's crazy seeing how it moves and hearing the air rushing around quite fascinating considering you assume they are pretty solid that's some go pro by the way good video loving the supra

      23 days ago
  • On Pornhub, one can view how a baby is made. From the inside!

    How does this relate to motoring?

    1/3 of all babies in born in England, after the Gerrys were resoundingly defeated, were conceived in a car.

      23 days ago
  • Hate Drifting..Waste of Petrol and Rubber...Cant stand the smell either...

    Considering the ppl.in the Bush who collect the raw Material for Rubber

    hardly survive by the skin of their teeth and Tyre Prizes went up by 320%

    over the last 10 years it is also Morally Indefensible .....

      17 days ago
  • That's crazy the way the tire flexes, I love these videos by the way.

      21 days ago
  • Dont be ridiculous, no one can actually drift a car, Inside a tyre

      21 days ago


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