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Here's what it looks like inside a tyre when you drive

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Life comes with a whole host of questions. It starts with "Why?" Then, as Miranda Hart once asked, "When lightning strikes the sea, why don't all the fish die?" Finally, the great unsolvable: "When a bear steps on a prickle in the middle of the woods, does it actually make any sound?"

In most of these cases, we just respond with "whatever" and get on with our lives. I can't speak for women, but I think that if we men are completely honest with ourselves, that never does quite cut it.

So it will come as very good news that there is a certain American YouTuber who has instead dedicated his life to answering many of the questions that suddenly come to us while standing vacantly in the shower. What is it like to be inside a rotary engine in slow motion? What happens when you squash a crystal ball with a hydraulic press? How much power can a gum wrapper handle?

"One of the reasons I came to YouTube in the first place was to open up people's minds on how things work by pushing all sorts of stuff to its limit and filming it in a way that allows us to see things that we normally can not see," he says.

"...When I got the viewer request to mount the GoPro inside the tyre and drive around, I was all in."

And he was, literally. Here's the video Warped Perception posted on 31 July:


Basically, he removed the right front tyre from his Mercedes and mounted a camera, light, and battery to the inside of the hub. We then get treated to something you'd usually only see in a Stephen Biesty book or the screen at a hospital when a doctor has stuck a camera into someone's artery, complete with flying debris.

The tyre is installed and inflated, driven slowly over bumpy and smooth streets, and then pushed hard through a corner. For the first time, we can watch many of the natural laws in action from the inside.

Absolutely fascinating, even if it is pointless.

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Comments (10)

  • With him being into this stuff why does he drive an early 2000s Mercedes?

      2 months ago
  • Need to mount a camera inside a motorcycle tire that has Dynabeads or the equivalent.

      2 months ago
  • Ive seen that video before! Pretty impressive

      2 months ago
  • That's soooooo cool

      2 months ago
  • Crazy after over a hundred years that the tire design hasn't changed much and also that's the best we can come with, with today's technology.

      2 months ago


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