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Here's what it looks like inside the intake manifold of a Toyota Supra while driving

If you've ever wondered what it looks inside a car's intake manifold while the engine is running, wonder no longer.

31w ago

Over the past couple of months, YouTuber Warped Perception has provided us with some thoroughly interesting videos by sticking a GoPro inside a tyre while driving along and also while doing a burnout, which both provided a view you'd never typically see.

Now though, he's delivered what might just be his most fascinating video of this kind yet. Opting this time to use his A80 Toyota Supra viewers had commented on seeing in the background of some of his other videos, he decided to mount a GoPro inside its intake manifold using a special rig he built to prevent it being sucked into the engine, which of course would have been disastrous.

Take a look at the video below in which you can get a glimpse at the throttle body and four of its six intake runners during some mixed styles of driving.

Starting off by driving gently, he eventually starts to get on it, performing some faster acceleration runs and powerslides, at which point you can really start to see the fuel dumping in.

It's a properly fascinating video to watch, given you'd never normally be able to see this in action, and it's even better that someone who clearly knows what they were doing was the one to do it.

Let us know in the comments though – which of the three 'GoPros inside parts of your car you'd normally never be able to see' videos from Warped Perception is your favourite so far, and do you have any ideas for what he could or should film next?

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  • What does it look like if you’re driving a Morris Marina?

    Too much time on ones hands? “Idle hands are the Devils hands”

      7 months ago
    • Dashpot goes up, dashpot comes down, dashpot goes up, dashpot comes down, and so on, and so on........

        7 months ago
  • Is there gonna be a video of the inside of an intake manifold of the R34?

      6 months ago
  • There must be one very upset grizzly inside 😃👍👍

      7 months ago
  • What is the brown fluid sitting down the bottom?

      7 months ago