Here's what it's like to daily drive over 1000 horsepower

Hint: it's fun.

17w ago


Somehow I've found myself in a very unique situation. I own two of my all time, top 10 dream cars: a 2005 Volvo V70R and a 2011 E90 BMW M3. The Volvo has 450 horsepower and the BMW has a staggering 625 horses.

Recently I took them both out on the road back to back to see what it's like to daily drive over 1000 combined horsepower.


The takeaway to this experiment is this: just because you have a ton of HP under your right foot, doesn't mean you need to use all of it all the time. But the real question is, which one do I like better?

Well, te BMW is the nicer car by a country mile. It's more luxurious, better maintained from previous owners, and has a better ride. It's also way faster. And by what I said in the video you'd think I'd pick the BMW every day. But I don't. That V70R has so much character, and unholy 5-cylinder sound, and just ticks every box.

If I ever hit the lotto and can buy a proper supercar instead of a sedan masquerading as one, we'll have this argument again. Until then, I'll just keep snapping necks with the VR's looks and noises.

The dadwagon reigns supreme.


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Comments (12)

  • you are not driving 1000hp, it is either 625 or 450. Or are you sitting on the drivers window sill of the BMW going forward and the volvo going backwards and driving them both at the same time?

      4 months ago
  • You can drive 20 different Yugo 45 every day... there is your 1000hp hahaha

      3 months ago
  • Like both cars but super baity title fella - I’ll settle with you daily driving 513hp as a rounded average.

      4 months ago
  • A BMW and a Volvo.... Why would you add the hp together, makes no sense, you can't drive at the same time lol

      3 months ago
  • Cool so based on your dumbass understanding of reality I daily drive over +2000 hp! Shove it with your underpowered weak ass vehicles!

    Might wanna go back to elementary school.

      3 months ago