Here's What It's Like To Drive The Most Luxurious F-150 Ever Built

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The F-150 Limited sits above the F-150 Platinum as the range-topping truck to America’s most iconic vehicle lineup. With a starting price of a mere $65,000 the F-150 Limited carries on the concept of classic American luxury cars with a modern twist.

The F-150 is like a hamburger, it’s easy to recognize and virtually everyone in American loves it. So where does that leave the range-topping Limited we’ve been driving? Well, it’s still a hamburger but it’s all about the ingredients.

At one of those trendy restaurants in New York City that you need to “know somebody” to get a reservation, they serve one the world’s most expensive hamburgers. For $295 you can purchase something with the familiar shape of a burger crafted from some of the world’s finest ingredients. The burger in question uses ingredients like white truffle butter-infused Wagyu Beef, smoked sea salt, cave-aged cheddar, shaved black truffles, Chinese Kaluga caviar, one fried quail egg and a blini, and it's all held together with a diamond-encrusted gold toothpick. This extravagant item has taken the great equalizer that is the hamburger and turned it into a hyper-luxury item that’s palatable to the masses.

The F-150 and the hamburger are the great equalizers. As it turns out no matter what your income level may be, these American icons are able to satisfy your appetite, the only difference is the ingredients and the price tag. No matter what they’re made of the hamburger retains its utility of a delicious portable sandwich, one just happens to be worth the same price as an Xbox.

The F-150 Limited is still a familiar F-150 through and through. You get a powerful Ecoboost engine that produces enough low-end torque and turbo noise to bring a smile to your face. There’s still a 5.5Ft bed that can move your things and the ability to tow 7,000lbs. You can comfortably seat 5 people and best of all you blend in with the truck crowd while still being a hero at Home Depot.

So what are the key changes from the humble Big Mac level F-150 XL that brings the F-150 Limited all the way to its wallet clearing $65,000 price tag? Well, quite a lot actually starting with the biggest change, the interior.

Open the door to the F-150 Limited and the electronic running board lowers the give you easy access to climb into your blue leather bucket seat. This seat is a key part of what makes the Limited so special. Of course, it’s heated and even cooled but this blue leather marvel can also massage you. Massage seats may be pretty normal in higher-end luxury sedans but in an F-150 it’s unheard of.

The leather seats aren’t the only hugely luxurious touch points. Everything you’d normally encounter from the shifter to steering wheel is coated in either leather or wood trim. Although the Limited is a huge leap forward in the luxury of the F-150 much of the hard plastic trim on the dash and door panels remain as the only reminders of the Limited’s humble roots.

The Limited is equipped with Ford’s latest generation of Sync which proves to finally offer a usable interface and quick reactions. Thankfully the HVAC controls are still their own dials that can easily be adjusted on the fly. The Limited offers the premium B&O stereo option, which only impressed with its ability to get very loud. There’s no crispness to the music it plays and the sound quality overall was pretty disappointing.

Thankfully all the other electronic systems made up for the stereo’s miss. The Limited offers Ford’s latest version of Ford’s radar-guided cruise control system. The system can to the F-150 from a set speed to a complete stop and then start again which made it the perfect companion to tackle traffic during my commute. Set the system to 70 and point the wheel where you want to go and the truck takes care of the rest, now that’s luxury.

The F-150 Limited will fly under the radar at your local country club but you’ll be the envy of everyone at Home Depot. It may carry the sticker price of a German luxury sedan but you’d be welcome at any worksite in America with open arms. Try taking your 5-Series to a campsite or tow your boat to the lake.

Today’s luxury cars are engineered to be performance vehicles with nice interiors. Gone are the day of comfortable American luxury barges built for cruising in absolute serenity. Although American luxury sedans are now stuck in the game of emulating the Germans, the luxury truck has risen to take the place of our cushy land yachts.

The F-150 Limited is comfortable, capable, and offers a compelling product for a mere $65,000. It’s hard to beat a luxury vehicle that can carry 5 people, tow 7,000lbs and massage you at the same time.

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