Here's What May Happen When You Speed Through 100 Speed Bumps At High Speed

This is one hilarious simulation

3y ago

Today's automotive engineers have so many more tools at their disposal than their predecessors ever did. With computer modeling and simulation, one automotive engineer can do the work of ten engineers decades ago, while saving the company so much more time and money to produce a quality product.

BeamNG Drive is not a engineering tool used by automotive engineers, rather it's a vehicle simulation video game based off the CryEngine3. However it's "soft-body dynamic physics" looks accurate and believable enough that the film industry has begun using it to predict and model their stunts. Just like in the engineering world, the end result could be simulated virtually before any real-life model is built, in this case before the stunt driver actually crashes the car.

Just like any engineering simulation tools, some of the solutions will produce hilarious results. In the video below, someone had the wild idea of asking the question: "What would happen if we ran a car through a straight road filled with more than 100 consecutive speed bumps at high speed?" This is what may happen:

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