Here's what Mercedes has in store for us over the coming years

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With over 34 current production models, including nine SUVs, it's hard to catch up on Mercedes's schedule when it comes to yet new models and upcoming refreshes. To simplify just that, here is a list of the most important Mercedes and Smart events coming up over the next three years.


Early next year, we will finally get our eyes and hands on the production versions of electric EQA and EQB models. So far, we know they won't look just like an A-class or GLB with an electric badge slapped on the boot lid. They will have a dedicated futuristic look to them with a powertrain to take on Polestar and Tesla.

With the E-class and S-cass now resting on a brand new generation bringing with it sleeker looks, state of the art technologie, more performance, and a safer ride, the C-class will be getting the same treatment in the upcoming year with a brand new, fifth-generation model also available as an estate.

The SL might not be a seriously considered model anymore, Mercedes is still planning on renewing it for 2021 with the current one already eight years old. Here we can expect the Mercedes styling cuies of the moment, fitting in with the swoopy CLA, CLS and the rest of their coupe like saloons. Electrification has not been mentionned as it probably wouldn't be very useful as we're not sure for how long Mercedes will keep the SL going for.

As the end of 2021 approaches, Mercedes will come up with the T-class. Sharing some of its underpinnings with the Renault Kangoo, think of it as a more luxourious version of the Citan also coming as an EQT powered by electricity.

Finally and impotantly, the world will whitness the arrival of the EQS, Mercedes's electric version of the S-class, coming in with gorgeous looks, unimagiably futuristic technologie, and a completely new plateforme for electric vehicles. Whereas we've already got some idea of how it will look thanks to prototypes which should end up looking very similar to the production car, we'll have to wait in order to learn more about the interior and tech the EQS comes with.


The electric E-class, also known as EQE, will rest on the EQS's plateform and will surely enhance some of its design and most of its technologie, while of course taking the place of the midsized E-class saloon. It will take on the Tesla Model S, just as the EQS competes with the Porsche Taycan.

The AMG GT will be getting a refresh: more power, more sophisticated technologie, this model will opte for more agressive looks to set it furthermore apart from the SL and won't be offered as a convertible.

Smart will be unveiling a mini electric SUV based on a plateform shared with Geely and clearly destined to the Chinese market. I'm actually surprised this hasn't happend yet.


This year will see the arrival of the next-generation E-class, as a saloon and estate.

In other news, yet two more electric SUVs from Mercedes and starting with a weird one: an elctric G-wagon called the EQG, curious to see how that will tun out since the point of a G-wagon is clearly to have a petrole engine... On a more sensible note, the electric version of the GLE, the EQE, will also make its appearance to complete the SUV range.

So there you have it, if you were still wondering if electric power was the future, the simple answer is that we're getting eight new electric cars from Mercedes, taking the places of their petrol-powered cousins, so yes, a lot to look forward too in the world of Mercedes! Thanks for reading!

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