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Here's what some of the best supercars would look like as semi-trucks!

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Have you ever wondered what the world's most popular supercars and hypercars would look like as semi-trucks? Of course you haven't as that would be insane and these car makers would never dream of doing such a thing, but here's what it would look like if they did.

The Aston Martin Semi-Truck

Based on the DB11, the theoretical Aston Martin semi-truck looks mean, especially with that huge glass windshield. If anything, this is more like a 'sports lorry' than a semi. 'Sports lorry' being the term coined by Clarkson.

The Aston would of course probably have the most luxurious cabin space of these trucks, knowing what the DB11 is like inside. But I am surprised the DBX wasn't used for this render instead.

The Lamborghini Semi-Truck

This one has been appropriately based on the Lamborghini Urus as that platform would make far more sense than an Aventador for example. Now, we all know the Urus is one of the world's most powerful and absurd looking SUVs in the world, so to see one in the form of a lorry is quite spectacular.

The Ferrari Semi-Truck

For this Ferrari Semi-Truck a Portofino has been used instead of anything else which I think is probably the best choice for this as the Portofino would probably look the best as a lorry. My favourite part about this one are the grilles below the windshield which are very LaFerrari and F40-esque.

This makes me wonder what an SUV from Ferraro would look like. The one thing I would change about this is perhaps putting a Scuderia shield on the side somewhere to break up the red.

The Koenigsegg Semi-Truck

Being one of the rarer and more expensive car makers on this list, this Koenigsegg truck has to look good. And the use of the Agera certainly helps. Not only is this one of the more dashing looking ones but it is also probably the fastest with the Agera having a top speed of over 270 mph.

The McLaren Semi-Truck

If McLaren were to ever make a Semi-Truck, it would have to be based on the 720s. This has been its range-topping car for years and the performance it brings is quite extraordinary. What I like about this one is how the shape of the roof resembles that of the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, a very nice touch.

The W Motors Semi-Truck

If you have ever wondered what the Lykan Hypersport would look like if it mated with a Tesla Cybertruck, then this is what you'd expect. The shape of this semi is quite phenomenal. I am not sure how road-legal this one would be given its shape but it is by far the curviest of the bunch. I mean, just look at the windshield, it's insane. And this one has carbon ceramic brakes all round.

The Pagani Semi-Truck

Now, this one is an interesting one. The person who made this has somehow made the Pagani Zonda look ugly. It looks like the love-child of a Fiat Multipla and the new Ford Puma. I mean, the gold accents around help it out a bit but what's going on with those bug-eye headlights? It's not a Subaru!

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