Here’s what the Urban dictionary says about Clarkson, Hammond and May

Whose caption do you think is best?

6w ago

A trend that has been circling the internet lately is one where you google the definition of your name through a website called the Urban Dictionary. Instead of trying out my name, I thought I'd run through The Grand Tour presenters and see what the internet says their definition is.

Warning: I had to sift through a lot of dodgy ones to find some palatable for DriveTribe...

Jeremy Clarkson:

"A great man who has the best opinions and an amazing way of saying things with a huge amount of metaphors, is firmly against going slower than 120mph and speed cameras, once had his own chat show called Clarkson but received too much hate mail for the sheer amount of abuse he spewed."

Richard Hammond:

"A small cute hamster, [who] weirdly has 9 more lives than [a] cat and can drive really fast cars."

James May:

"A [ex] co-presenter of Top Gear. What a man, real ale drinker and full of hidden unsavoury secrets such as keeping a toothbrush in his car to clean out the air vents."

Would you change any of these, and if so, what would you write about them?

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  • lmaoo

    If you want a chance to win a whopping amount of 250TC on this subject, head over to 's urban dictionary competition and give it a shot!

      1 month ago
    • ^this

        1 month ago
    • for a moment I thought this was one of those spam messages which tell I could get an iPhone 13 Pro for free... however

        1 month ago
  • What does Urban Dictionary say about the trio? @tribe

      1 month ago
  • Pretty spot on.

      1 month ago
  • i like that it mentions clarkson’s chat show, it’s a quite funny series

      1 month ago
  • Like any 3some, more entertaining than the sum of their individual parts?

      1 month ago