Here's what you can do with your fire stricken Lamborghini

A YouTuber has turned such a Lambo into something unbelievable.

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Have you ever come across an exotic supercar that was ruined by conflagration? What were your first thoughts about it? I am sure you'd have thought what misery it would have left for the owner and secondly, what will happen to the car. In most cases, such cars are often derelict as their owners, though emotional, couldn't have resort to other better ways. However, those who dare to reinvigorate the life of their supercar can cross borders like this famous YouTuber Chris Steinbacher who runs his channel, B is for Build.

The 'exposed from rear' Lamborghini Huracan featured in this video seems to look as swanky as it would have been before it turned into a wreck as a fire broke out. Just a year ago, Chris had bought this car and had started working heavily on it for his outlandish modification. It was then presented at the 2019 SEMA Auto Show though it only had a few body panels then to make its flesh.

The car has been fully restored by now except the fact that the rear body is missing. He had done this purposefully to expose the new block tagged LS V8 by Texas Speed replacing the OEM 5.2-litre V8 naturally aspirated. It now gets two turbos placed high with the intent of bumping the power output to a colossal 1500 hp! With that kind of power output, I think he wants to land his car straight into space from a runway as with the rear body taken away, this light car becomes bantamweight. Ramping up to achieve that figure is done by twin Garrett GTX3582R Gen-2 turbochargers for darting forward like a javelin throw.

The body construction plays an integral role in helping the car achieve mind-boggling numbers. Hence, carbon-fibre body panels from the Huracan Super Trofeo are used. When the acceleration isn't low-key, the wheels should have enough rubber to withstand the high pressure and thrust from the engine. Hence, it makes use of 20" Rotiform HUR wheels that are 14" wide at the rear.

It was the time of testing after all the modifications. However, the car's output was fettered to 'only' 600 hp for safety. A wise decision as a grave problem cropped up with the car's gait on the racetrack. It was a major one- chocking when cornering which basically locks the wheels abruptly. Whether he was inadvertent in assembling the makeshift parts such as the ECU, exhausts and the gearbox that were taken from a Gallardo or they were faulty by nature isn't known but I wish he resolved the error as I can't wait but to see this 1500 hp monster burn the rubber and allay the forces of physics on the track.

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  • Could they not afford the back of the car?

      1 month ago
    • You've got nice humour, Rahil. I think he wasn't able to find the back of the car as it was left in flames. It could have got destroyed completely. And then Lambo's engines are mounted at the back so this is actually plausible.

        1 month ago
    • Lol

        1 month ago
  • Wow,😲😲

      1 month ago


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