- Before you ask, I was driving a Lexus IS 350 F Sport in this shot from about a year ago. Brilliantly old-school naturally aspirated feel to it, and it slid like a dream. Shame about the tall gearing and rubbish infotainment system controller, though.

Here's why a dive watch is helpful for drivers

Preventing you from running out of oxygen and drowning isn't the only benefit of a dive watch's bezel.

In a discussion about watches amongst DriveTribe's Australian creators, it came up that several of us favoured dive watches for daily wear, and it prompted me to mention just why I am among those who do.

Those are my hands on a Lexus steering wheel in the shot above, and it's the watch I wear every day wrapped around the wrist that's connected to the left of them – a Seiko Turtle, nothing too crazy.

Now, I didn't end up with this watch by accident, it should be said, as aside from the oh-so pretty blue of its dial – and the incredibly sharp discount on it at the time I bought it – I was specifically after a dive watch when I saw this in a shop window a couple of years ago.

As much as I'd like to try it some day, I'm not a diver and I've never been diving before, but it doesn't mean a dive watch's benefits aren't able to be seen in areas of day-to-day life.

Not me, clearly. Primarily because this is actually ocean explorer, marine conservationist, and Seiko Prospex ambassador Fabien Cousteau.

Not me, clearly. Primarily because this is actually ocean explorer, marine conservationist, and Seiko Prospex ambassador Fabien Cousteau.

Proper waterproofing is obviously a big drawcard for a dive watch, and a necessity of a watch to be considered one, and as someone who lives in Australia (meaning good beaches), has done some work as a detailer, and often gets rained on during photo and video shoots for the cars I review, 200 metres of water resistance thanks to a screw-down crown was naturally quite appealing to me.

A double locking clasp, another common feature of many dive watches on metal bracelets, is also a particularly attractive feature for someone like myself who is known to be a bit of a clutz, too.

Even just the general – and very simple – dial design of a dive watch's dial offers a lot of benefits. With clear legibility a priority when underwater, it's helpful when quickly glancing at your watch while driving, for instance, and even at night thanks to the powerful lume most feature.

But it wasn't until I got a parking ticket for going a mere five minutes over in a one-hour zone in another Lexus a couple of years ago – a fully-loaded LS 500h that was worth over $200,000 meaning there was no way of pleading my way out of that one with the darned traffic warden who started writing the ticket as I was putting my bag in the boot – that I realised the very biggest benefit a dive watch has not just for me but drivers (not divers) everywhere.

It's all about that bezel.

It's all about that bezel.

The bezel on a dive watch is something you may think you never use in the real world – after all, why would you need your watch to help you time how much air you have left in your oxygen tanks when you're on land, breathing in the plentiful air that surrounds us – but for timing how long you've been in a parking spot, there's nothing better.

In the town I live in, most timed parking spots are just one hour, the perfect amount to time with just one rotation of the minute hand, and that positional bezel means you won't forget exactly when you parked up.

Unlike a tiny chronograph sub-dial, as well, it's far more clearly displayed, too. Clearly enough for you to notice it easily enough that you'll avoid having to spend $52 you weren't planning to two days before Christmas.

So if you've got a dive watch or are planning on adding one to the collection next, remember – even though it may be expensive, it could potentially save you a lot in the long run, especially if the traffic wardens where you live are as unkind as they are here.

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  • I wonder if anyone has ever got a Rolex Submariner's worth of parking fines in their lifetime. Because if so, this is the article to show them on their deathbed.

      17 days ago
  • I use the bezel of mine to time all sorts. Weirdly flexible feature

      13 days ago