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Here's why comparing the Porsche Taycan with other EVs is pointless

A rant and a review. A ranview?

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Electric cars are faster than petrol cars. The top speed is usually lower but the acceleration is more brutal even though EVs are heavier. That's because electric power is harnessed and delivered in a completely different way. It's like a switch. A binary option. When you put your foot down in a petrol car there's a complex and long sequence of things that must happen for the car to accelerate. There's friction and a million (figure of speech) mechanical parts in motion. When you put your foot down in an electric car, it's on. It gives you 100 % of what it's got in an instant.

Apart from lack of sound, which in my humble opinion is actually the major drawback in terms of excitement, this means two things: one, electric cars can be comically fast and two, they all feel roughly the same under heavy acceleration. That doesn't happen with ICEs because a V8 feels nothing like a flat-six which in turn feels nothing like a V10. Sometimes, you have different feelings even when there's less power involved. With EVs, it kinda feels like you're always driving the same thing, just more or less of it depending on how much power you've got at your disposal. You don't get the same grit and character and personality. At least in my experience.

I was fortunate to drive a great deal of EVs and they felt broadly the same except for the Renault Twizy, which feels like a cartoon, and the Taycan, which feels like something else. I don't know how they did it. Porsche make a point of telling you that the Taycan is faster than the Model S, and for longer periods of time because of the synchronous motor, but I'm not sure that's relevant because synchronous vs asynchronous is exactly the sort of thing the average driver won't even notice.

Knowing that you're driving a Porsche and having the Porsche badge right in front of you on the steering wheel certainly makes a difference, maybe on a subconscious level. But again I don't know if that's enough to explain why the Taycan feels so different but it does. And there's no denying that the Taycan is already proving to be commercially successful, which is saying something considering how expensive it is.

The first time I climbed into the Taycan Turbo S, courtesy of Centro Porsche Firenze, they were quick to tell me this was faster than the Model S, which it technically is, and better, which I don't think it is is simply because considering the current state of technology and infrastructure, range and a proprietary network of superchargers still make a difference. But that's not the point.

I might be wrong because I don't have to statistical evidence (yet) to support what I'm about to say so take my words with a pinch of salt: I firmly believe that people who end up buying a Taycan, set about wanting a Taycan. That's all they wanted from the start. They considered other vehicles, carefully and tentatively, and then they still bought the Taycan.

Understanding desire is always tricky but Porsche spent a very great deal of time and effort on the Taycan. Another Porsche PR person once told me they spent around three years just pondering over the name. They wanted to build an EV that felt, first and foremost, like a Porsche. I guess it worked.

What is your opinion on the Taycan? Feel free to share in the comments

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  • After some time on DRIVETRIBE, I changed my views on EV's. The EV revolution is inevitable and it would be a smart choice to have an EV for the city and an ICE car for leisure. The Tesla Model S is good as a daily driver. But those who want a bit more of the " me time lovers" , the Tesla is not your EV. The Tesla is no match to the Taycan in the twistier or "sportier" road. And of course, I do not want to spent $120K on a car who's door shall fall out on the day of delivery.

      15 days ago
    • I'm happy to hear that because that's the point I always try to make. Whatever we may think of EVs, and of course everyone is absolutely allowed to like them or dislike them, they're an inevitability so there's no point fighting them. The...

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        15 days ago
    • The étron, they screwed up with the name ( étron means, quite literally "turd" in French). But It has a fake-ish grille, and that is bad. The frunk is small, and I believe that the frunk is the coolest EV feature. Minus one point for E-Tron....

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        14 days ago
  • Tesla Model S is perfect for daily shopping, going to work and pick up kids from school stuff, but for anyone who want to have some "alone fun time" on twisty roads or even occasional track days, the Tesla doesn't come close to the Porsche. Oh and of course there's people who (I mean, me) who wouldn't even bother comparing the actual "practical" stuff about them and just choose the Porsche because they can't stand their 100k and above car feels so cheap to touch...anywhere.

      16 days ago
    • yup. That's a fair point. Is there any other EV you like apart from the Taycan?

        15 days ago
    • I've always loved the BMW i3, the purpose built city car and no one can deny it's pretty fantastic and being a city car, also I think to this day it is still the most spacious "city car" you can get. The fact that it was released in 2013 and most...

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        15 days ago
  • My feeling is they should put straight cut gears in all EV's so they at least have that particular gear wine found in racing cars . Then you know something is going on , and it could be touted as a safety feature , cause then you can hear the damn thing coming !! Lol

      15 days ago
  • Your right. You can only compare apples with apples. We shouldn’t forget that technology aside Tesla is not a premium brand. You are paying the premium money because of what it can achieve not for looks or build quality or how it makes you feel behind the wheel and not forgetting heritage. I’ve seen the Taycan in the flesh and it’s fantastic. Both cars are completely the opposite ends of the scale.

      15 days ago
    • maybe not opposite. More like parallel. When you buy a Tesla, you're probably into an idea and a product. When you buy a Taycan, you're buying first and foremost a Porsche

        15 days ago
  • The Taycan is a great car looking for adequate infrastructure. The Tesla supercharger network makes all the difference. As for the drive, the Taycan is way too big and heavy and its drivetrain too devoid of charisma compared to an ICE that it's hard to justify as a fun car alone in a world that offers A110s and Boxster Spyders at half the money - it needs to stack up as a way to travel reasonable distances. Which as of yet, it doesn't. What would you rather have - a Taycan Turbo Whatever or a Model S *and* a Boxster/Cayman GTS?

      15 days ago
    • "The Tesla supercharger network makes all the difference." I agree, especially in certain markets. There's no point comparing ICEs with EVs in my opinion, because it's essentially pub talk in the sense that whatever you and I or everyone...

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        15 days ago
    • Disagree with the latter starement - failing a breakthrough in battery technology that we don't yet know of there is no way we would be able to replace 1 billion ICE cars with BEV equivalents before the ecological and geopolitical...

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        15 days ago


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