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Here's why its time to Revive the FJ Cruiser (UPDATE: It is)

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​ (Update is at the end of the article) Everyone's going bananas for SUV's. And I think it would be a giant missed opportunity if Toyota didn't revive the FJ Cruiser. The market is basically begging for this thing to come back.


​ When this car first made its appearance, it was meant to be a concept, and only a concept. There was a huge response, and everyone wanted Toyota to sell it. Once the car was on sale, it had a great first two years, selling well above 100,000 models. The following years spelled doom for the FJ Cruiser, as sales were decreasing immensely. 2014 was it's last year, were it sold only 14,000 models.

The FJ is remembered for its phenomenal offroad ability, suicide doors, and its styling. It was one of the best offroaders; almost nothing could stop it. And after you go offroading, you can go pick up your kid from school and continue on with your day. The suicide doors were controversial for sure. From the outside, it looks like the FJ Cruiser was a two-door offroader. But some most people's surprise, you could open the two rear doors only once the front door was opened. The same goes for the exiting, the front doors must be opened. And as for its styling, I think it pays homage to the FJ 40, with the boxy design, the same square mirrors, the front grill, and the squared fenders.

"There's room for an authentic small off-road suv..."

Jim Lentz (Toyota America CEO)

​ The hardcore offroad SUV market is essentially unrivaled; only Jeep occupies it. And as a result, Jeep's offroaders are selling like hotcakes. The Ford Bronco is returning in 2020, and the FJ Cruiser should as well. And to Toyota's credit, Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota America, said in 2018 that they were considering the FJ Cruiser revival. And there's no reason why Toyota shouldn't revive it. Everyone everywhere is going crazy over SUV's. In addition, the world is in need for a quirky new SUV, one that looks different. And as I stated earlier, the offroad SUV market is practically unrivaled. Even cars marketed with offroad capability or those being marketed as rugged are selling well (think Honda Passport). To summarize, Toyota would be missing big sales if they didn't revive the FJ Cruiser. If Ford did it with the Bronco, I don't see why Toyota couldn't do the same.


UPDATE: (8/25/19, 9:18 est.)

(8/25/19, 9:18 est.) Jalopnik reported earlier today that the Toyota TJ Cruiser could make it's way to production. The Toyota TJ Cruiser, which made it's Japanese debut in 2017, is essentially an offroad van, or SUV depending on which model you get. According to Jalopnik's report (Motor1.com also has a report saying the same), the TJ will be revealed at the "...Tokyo Auto Show in October, with pre-orders in Japan beginning in December." Judging by its name, it sounds promising that it could the successor of the FJ Cruiser, just with more practicality. And by looking the TJ Cruiser's design, it shares the same quirky styling. For more updates on this, make sure to to check here!

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