Here's why RAM should bring the 700 to the US

FCA's small vehicles have always been strong sellers, and I think the 700 would be too.

20w ago

Let's talk about the Ram 700, RAM's smallest pickup truck that is on sale in Central and South America, a truck that I personally think, in a few years time, will be commonplace in the US.

For starters, it's a new segment, the compact truck market is the perfect size truck for the people that like to be "rugged" and "outdoorsy" and the extent of their machismo is slapping bags of mulch at Home Depot. Those are the kinds of people that would buy the Ram 700. In terms of styling, I think that Ram's design language translates well to this pocket-sized truck.

Let's also bear in mind, its an FCA product, and FCA's entire existence has been bringing new vehicles to market with seemingly no competition and then basking in their own individuality, and if you don't think it worked, ask yourself why they thought it was a good idea to put 702-horsepower in the RAM. They invented the minivan segment in 1984, and effectively dominated the off-road market for decades with the Jeep Wrangler. Not to mention the iconic PT Cruiser.

I personally think that Americans would line up by the hundreds for these tiny trucks. Finally a small truck for getting a couple of jobs done around the yard, and you don't care if you get it dirty or what have you because of how cheap it would be.

The Ram 700 costs $13,505 in its home markets. In its home market it also has a 115-horsepower engine, which would be unacceptable in the US. So let's imagine that they cram the 2.4-liter from the Jeep Compass, and suddenly, you've got a 180-horsepower compact truck that would carry roughly a $18,000 price tag. Loosely cobble together some interior bits to distract from the utilitarian roots of this adorable little ute and with a $20,000 starting price, and RAM could have a really strong seller on their hands. Did I mention this also comes with a stick? An automatic would have to exist for the US market, but I think a handful of mechanics would be chomping at the bit for a work-spec 700 with the stick.

Look, we know that Ford has the Courier/Maverick coming out, so it would make perfect sense for RAM to beat them to the punch, because that’s such an FCA thing to do, make a segment that doesn’t exist and popularize it, only to get beaten out by competition. It’s what happened with small cars, minivans, etc. So instead of thinking about other places to cram a Hellcat V8, please RAM, do yourself a favor, and bring back the compact truck.

Do you think the RAM 700 would be a good fit for the US? Comment Below!

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Comments (13)

  • America used to love small pickups. These Toyota’s were everywhere in the 80’s. I think FCA should bring the 700 to America, if not as a Ram, then as a Jeep. The Renegade, Compass and Small Cherokee are confusingly just mere inches apart. Eliminate one or two would create a slot for the 700 in Jeeps lineup. Jeep used to have a small pickup called the Comanche with a sporty version called the eliminator. Equipped with some sporty bits and priced right and you have a winner.

      4 months ago
  • I could sell great... buuuut the US market is the only one that would show animosity towards a uni-body style pickup. Look at the Honda Ridgeline's US sales for example. I personally think if they bring back the Dakota on a shortened 1500 chassis it would do better in the US. And with the "new" Ranger in the states now, that would seem like a no brainer.. On the other hand though, FCA knows if they invest at all in a shortened Ram chassis a Dakota would be it's only application, (well that and maybe a new Sprinter van but that'd be it)... So with that in mind bring the 700 on over, let's see how it fares in SUV land.

      4 months ago
    • Ram is bringing back a small truck like the Dakota

        4 months ago
    • Saw that! Yea, well it'll probably do fine. Engineering a truck chassis can't be thaaat expensive right? And Ram has the best truck interiors for non-luxury trucks in my opinion so, that alone should help it. That's my one gripe with the new...

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        4 months ago
  • Absolutely agreed, this thing would sell like crazy.

      4 months ago
  • That truck is what we need in our market. People that live in the city would use for weekend outings and a ton of homeowners would enjoy that as a hardware store run. I would definitely love a truck but they are too big, not great on gas and EXPENSIVE!!! Leave the full size trucks to contractors and guys with complexes. You know what I am talking about. FCA needs to be smart and beat Ford to the punch

      4 months ago
  • Compact trucks are not new to the US!

      4 months ago