H​ere's why Season 4 Episode 1 of the Grand Tour won't have any cars in it

W​hy the first episode of Amazon's hit car show, won't have any cars in it

1y ago

Amazon's latest Season of the Grand Tour has been hotly anticipated for well over a year now, and earlier last month we finally got a look at the first episode with this trailer:

H​owever, from the moment you start watching the trailer you'll notice one glaring omission, there are no cars!! For the past 16 years Jeremy, Richard, and James have been making a car show, whether it be Top Gear or more recently the Grand Tour. The format has always been pretty consistent, studio segments, with short films in between. However, back in 2007 the BBC aired a special episode of Top Gear, which saw the three presenters travel across America in $1,000 cars.

T​op Gear America Special

T​op Gear America Special

T​his episode proved to be wildly popular amongst fans of the show, with many asking for more. Top Gear obliged, and over the next 9 years a wide variety of truly excellent specials were blasted onto our screens, however, they were typically aired only once a year, and were not the center of the show's structure.

H​owever, late last year we heard that the Grand Tour would indeed be dropping the studio sections from it's programming. This signaled the end of an era, there would no longer be an audience, track, power tests, celebrities, or short films. However, to the joy of many fans The Grand Tour announced that the show's fourth season would be made up entirely of specials.

H​owever, when many saw the trailer for the first episode, they wondered why Amazons hit car show, will not have any cars in its first episode. There's a good reason for this, because after over 16 years of the same format there isn't much left to do, there are only so many times that you can drive a car around a track, or drive cheap cars across a country.

S​o, whether or not you like it, the Grand Tour is trying something new. Furthermore, while the first episode will not have any cars in it, chances are the second one will. All three of the presenters enjoy cars, and I find it hard to believe that they will give that up so easily.


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  • I agree they need a change from cars on occasions. Although I would love to see them take three small cheap cars like a Ford Ka or similar on a unsuitable journey for one of those cars.

      1 year ago
  • I don't mind them using just boats. Its been about the three presenters long before The Grand Tour for me so whether its cars, boats, planes, submarines or freaking UFO's, I will watch their adventures. That been said, the beauty of cars is that you can do so much which people can relate to. The boys could start from scratch all over again and buy three cars for 100 pounds like their very first challenge back in 2003 and it would still be really entertaining.

      1 year ago
  • If you were subscribed to our YouTube Channel it would be clear to you where the second episode is being filmed and which three cars they used AND modified. Besides that you would have know that the whole "2 episode story" is just a hoax....


      1 year ago
  • The Three Great Semen

      1 year ago
  • They drove motorcycles in Vietnam and lorries in Birma.

      1 year ago