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Here’s why this dealership think you should buy their Rimac Concept One

I​n this article, I tell you a bit about the Concept One and I also share a few things that the dealership had to say!

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W​ritten by: Rahil Hashmi

It has 1​244hp, it’ll get from 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds and from then on, it will continue to thunder down the road until it gets to a whopping 211mph! Ladies and gentleman, here is the Rimac Concept One.

Until recently, if you wanted to experience the thrill of electric 1244hp, well, you just couldn’t because Rimac only built 8 Concept Ones for the whole world. To help put this into perspective, people often describe the Veyron owner’s club as exclusive and Bugatti built over 400 of those!

F​urthermore, there aren’t even 8 anymore as Richard Hammond actually crashed one meaning that there are only 7 Concept Ones and one has just gone up for sale.

I​mage credit: Rimac Manhattan

I​mage credit: Rimac Manhattan

I​ found this car on Manhattan Motorcars‘s website ​whilst I was browsing through their extraordinary collection of cars that they have for sale. Manhattan Motorcars is actually a Rimac dealership but Rimacs aren’t the only cars they’ve got so be sure to check out their website for more details regarding their Concept One and make sure that you check out some of the other cool cars that they have for sale!

W​hy I love the Concept One

B​elieve it or not, I actually prefer the Rimac Concept One over the Concept Two. I say this for the following reasons:

•​ The Concept One is the original Rimac and, in my opinion, the original electric hypercar- I don’t care about the fact that the Concept Two is faster because, for me, the importance and story behind a car outweighs the performance.

•​ I think that the Concept One looks better as it’s supposed to look like it’s from the future and with its low but wide design, the Concept One looks like something from the future. Although The Concept Two looks good, it isn’t as dramatic as the Concept One.

I wanted to make this article a bit different from the rest so I actually contacted Rimac Manhattan with some questions that I and a few other journalists had.

Dominick DiMatteo, a product specialist for Manhattan Motorcars, kindly answered all of our question- here is what they said!

H​ow did you (Rimac Manhattan) acquire such a rare car?

We are an authorized RIMAC dealer, the first one in the US to be awarded the RIMAC franchise. We are also authorised many other fine brands, 11 and counting I believe. I'm sure this influenced RIMAC in giving it to us.

I would think we represent more brands with 7 figure price tags than any other dealer in the world.

H​ow did you come up with the pricetag of $1.6 million?

It is what is on the window sticker for the car, no different than any other manufacturer coming up with prices for their cars. The amount of time to manufacture it and technology in it I would think makes it hard for RIMAC to claim a profit with such low production volume.

If Bugatti claims a loss with the roughly 500 Veyrons they built I would have to think RIMAC was not making a killing with these Concept One's but rather an investment in their company's future.

W​hy should someone buy your Rimac and not get something else?

As far as why someone would buy the RIMAC, it is the first all electric hypercar and the company is on the cutting edge of all things automotive. The technology alone and how the Concept One was built merits the asking price alone, it has for instance the same cooling technology as the Space Shuttle did.

The actual driving capabilities of the car put it right up there with any other hypercar. The fact that it is only 1 of 8 that will ever be built and now there is 1 less with Mr Hammond's accident certainly does not hurt future marketability for it. Especially with all the rumors of RIMAC looking to acquire Bugatti this may turn out to be a bargain especially since I have seen what happened to the Koenigsegg One:One we originally sold in 2014.

W​ould you lend the car to Richard Hammond?

I​mage credit: Top Gear Wiki Fandom

I​mage credit: Top Gear Wiki Fandom

As far as lending the car to Mr Hammond that is a question for RIMAC to answer, as a salesman looking to bring a new name to market I was glad he was OK and the publicity was certainly worth more than the asking price of $1.6 million, it definitely bought the car to light for sure.

But as a car enthusiast myself knowing one of only 8 cars was destroyed never to be replaced certainly was disappointing as well.

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