Here's why you actually don't need four wheel drive

A​ll the soccer moms are wrong, you really don't need it

T​here are many things I truly detest in the automotive world; Prius drivers, the Mini Clubman, SUVs, and most notably people buying four wheel drive cars when they don't actually need them. Because the issue is that when all of the soccer moms go to spec their new family car they tick two options: the brown paint, and most notably All Wheel Drive. Because for some reason they think that for $7,000 the four wheel drive system will save them from certain death.

T​hey will tell you that they need AWD and a high ride height because once a year they go on a camping holiday and sometimes there is mud, or that their driveway can get quite damp in the spring and that they don't want their car to spin out.

I​'m here to tell these people that they are morons! And for two very good reasons they shouldn't buy an AWD car.

Y​ou don't really need it

L​ook I will admit that if you plan on going up a 90 degree incline in your car on a daily basis that AWD is without a doubt absolutely crucial. However, to those who say that it snows a few inches every year in January, and for that they must have AWD I have one thing to say.


Y​our RWD car is perfectly capable of handling snow. The big misconception here comes from tires, because while yes an AWD car with snow tires will be marginally better at handling snow that an RWD car, an AWD car on all season tires would get absolutely demolished by a RWD car with snow tires.

T​he issue here is grip, because while yes having two extra drive wheels helps, having winter tires with more traction is even more helpful. On top of that modern traction control systems are so advanced that your RWD car should have no trouble getting up a snowy incline, unless of course its a Mustang.

J​ust rent a car!!

H​ere's the second argument that most AWD people will give you; "But wait!! On my annual camping trip I need AWD because the campsite can sometimes get a bit muddy", or something along the lines of, "What if I want to go off-roading?"

I​ have three words to these people, "RENT A CAR!!!!"

B​ecause for the $7,000+ that you would spend an an AWD system for your Volvo you might as well rent an AWD car for the two days of the year you'd actually need it. And let's be honest $7,000 gets you a lot of rental car, even enough to get a Bentley Bentayga for the week.

S​o tell me, what would you rather have and AWD car which you only actually use 0.5% of the time, or the same car you'd normally buy plus a Bentley for a few days of the year?


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Comments (15)

  • I'd disagree. People are perfectly capable of rolling down their own windows too with that old style hand crank. Convenience has left that long in the dust just like two wheel drive. Even though it may only be once or twice a year there is a possibility of getting stuck many many drive in snow and wet. All wheel drive rules in those conditions. So much so you might as well just sit home if you don't have it. Not only would I never buy any Suv without all wheel drive I would even be tempted to have it fitted to a sports car. So what do you say? Window crank or auto windows?

      1 year ago
    • Auto windows, but in my opinion, but AWD is not a must, not even close. Especially considering how much it costs

        1 year ago
    • I understand how people in certain geographical locations might think that. Even here where we get marginal snow compared to where I'm from, I'd never go without 4 wheel drive. Now technically an SUV should be a frame chassis capable of more...

      Read more
        1 year ago
  • I don't know where you live, but I recommend you come to Canada in the winter.

    Experience the True North... with an RWD car. You'll see the collaboration between Mother Nature and the law of physics is not always 'welcoming'.

      1 year ago
    • Two wheel drive in the rural north is about as reliable as a career politician.

        1 year ago
    • XD Nice analogy there... I mean, you probably won't need AWD if you live in California or Florida... But in quite a lot of places, it never hurts to have it.

        1 year ago
  • Four wheel drive is definitely useful and crucial, do you have evidence of like a video or something of a rear wheel drive car with snow tires gain an all wheel drive car huh?? I am going to say this post is bull crap until I see a video of what you prove to be true!... Because if you have watched every single off roading TV show or car v show ever, such as The Grand Tour, you will see that Jeremy and them always complain they Need all heel drive in their situations, rear wheel drive cars can handle themselves in off roading, but after a while just get tossed in the trash.

      1 year ago